Top 5 Clear Aligners

Here are the five top clear aligner companies in the US right now. Rated on a number of factors including reviews, offering, and customer service.

4.45/5 (206 ratings)
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2.68/5 (73 ratings)
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New York, Boston, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Irvine, Santa Monica, Washington
Smile Direct Club Review

SmileDirectClub are one of the biggest names in the aligners industry right now. With an international presence and an established product, they’ve helped over a million customers with their smile a...


AlignerCo are relative newcomers to the clear aligner industry. Since their launch, they’ve positioned themselves as one of the most affordable products on the market. With multiple payment options,...


As the aligner market becomes increasingly crowded, it’s becoming harder for brands to stand out. Price is often one of the deciding factors surrounding customers’ choice, but value for money and quality...

There are a lot of choices to make when deciding which provider to use for your clear aligners. That’s why we’re here – our in-depth reviews give you a fair and balanced opinion, and they extensively cover everything you could need to know.

But if you want to get a quick idea of which provider is best, then our awards can help. We have a range of awards that we give to providers so that you can see at-a-glance which is best in a certain area.

Here’s where we’ll explain what those awards mean.

Ease of use & effectiveness

Looking for a treatment that you know will work, without any hiccups or problems? This award tells you which provider has the easiest treatment plan to follow, balanced with great results – perfect if you don’t want any hassle.

2020 winner: byte


While aligners are great value when compared to some other forms of treatments, they aren’t something you can buy on a whim. If your budget is limited, look for our affordability winner, to get a great smile at a low cost.


Aligners are still a relatively new treatment, and so it’s important you know that you’re going to get the results you need, and the support throughout the process. Our reassurance award is for the aligners with the best care for their customers.

2020 winner: Candid

Options & Extras

You’re paying good money for your aligner treatment, so you might want to have more flexible options, or extra benefits to enhance your smile even further. Check out the winners of this award for the best total package treatment.

2020 winner: byte

Availability & Convenience

Whether you lead a hectic lifestyle or just have other things to focus on, it’s often important that your aligner treatment works for your schedule. We grant this award to the provider who makes it easiest to access treatment.

2020 winner: SmileDirectClub