Affordable clear aligners with a range of treatment options – are Smileie the aligner provider you're looking for? Find out in our detailed review.

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Written by Chris Pearson GDP Registered Dentist

Affordable clear aligners with the most flexible range of treatment options – are Smileie the perfect provider to give you a new smile?

First Glance

Smileie has done a great job of quickly establishing itself as a provider of quality clear aligners without breaking the bank. Serving both the US and Canada, customers are able to pick from a wide range of treatment options to suit their needs – including how long per day they wear the aligners, and how they pay. With treatment expected to last 4-6 months, low prices and a guarantee of results, can Smileie really deliver on their promises?


  • Option to use daytime or night-only aligners
  • Whitening kit, 2 free retainers and refinements included in your plan
  • Receive all your aligners upfront
  • Supported by expert dentists and orthodontists throughout your journey


  • No option to visit a clinic, remote only

Who is behind Smileie?

Smileie is a US-based company that manufactures their aligners right here too – there’s no foreign imports used where the company can’t carefully monitor the quality of the aligner. They are a relative newcomer, but so far they’ve established themselves well, with numerous positive reviews and easy-to-access support.

Who can use Smileie aligners?

Smileie aligners are suitable for people with mild to moderate dental issues including overcrowding, wide spacing and teeth that protrude or stick out. They are not suitable for people with severe dental misalignment.

Clear aligners are a popular choice with people that need some dental improvement, but that don’t wish to wear fixed or visible braces. You will still need to wear your aligners almost all the time, but they’re practically invisible and can be removed for certain short-term activities.

Clear aligners can only move the teeth. They cannot change the shape of the jaw. Some people may notice that dental aligners will improve an existing overbite or underbite, but aligners are not designed for this. They are, however, suitable for most cosmetic dental issues except in the most severe cases.

You may not be a suitable candidate for Smileie aligners if you have dental implants or missing teeth. Cases are assessed on an individual basis.

You will not be able to use clear aligners if you have swollen gums or unfilled cavities, so before you apply it is important to visit your regular dentist for a check-up. They will be able to help with any hygiene issues and cavities, so that you have the best chance of success with your Smileie application.

How are the Smileie aligners made?

Smileie aligners are made using clear BPA-free plastic, making them safe for use at all times and even suitable for during pregnancy.

Each set of clear aligners is unique and tailored to your needs. You will receive a kit to create your own dental impressions at home, and these will then be used to create your personalized 3D treatment plan and your first set of clear aligners.

As you progress through your Smileie treatment, you’ll receive new sets of aligners. Each is slightly different from the last, moving your teeth gradually and gently into their final position. At the end of your treatment, you will be required to wear the included retainers. Wearing retainers will help your teeth to settle securely in your gums.

What treatment options are available?

With Smileie aligners, you have a choice of two different treatment options. You can choose to wear ‘Day Time Aligners’, which should be worn at all times except when eating, brushing your teeth or drinking anything other than water, or ‘Night Time Aligners’ which must only be worn whilst you’re sleeping, for 10 hours each night.

Night Time Aligners are more discreet, and allow you to go about your day unhindered, but treatment lasts a bit longer because you’re not wearing your aligners as often as you could. The longer treatment period is reflected in the price, which is higher for Night Time Aligners.

In rare cases, candidates are suitable for Single Arch treatment. This is for candidates who only need adjustments to their top teeth, or only to their bottom teeth. Many aligner providers will not offer Single Arch treatment, because aligners are more effective when they work together and apply pressure as you bite down, but Smileie can offer this treatment with their usual satisfaction guarantee. Single Arch treatment is available at a lower price, but will not suit most people.

How long does Smileie treatment take?

Most Smileie customers will start seeing improvements quickly. Treatment usually takes a total of 4-6 months, and is likely to be longer if you’re choosing Night Time Aligners or have more significant dental misalignment when starting your treatment.

The estimated Smileie treatment time is standard for clear aligners, which are typically faster than traditional braces.

Are there any other steps to take?

As you go through your Smileie treatment, you will be monitored remotely by dental professionals. You don’t need to visit a dental office, but will be asked to provide updates so that Smileie staff can make sure your treatment is on track. Be honest about the progression of your treatment, because what you say might have an impact on the free refinement you’re offered if it’s needed.

Throughout your treatment plan, you will be expected to switch to a new set of aligners at the end of each 10-day period. Each set of aligners will be a bit different from the previous set, allowing your teeth to gradually move without any sudden alteration.

If you find that treatment isn’t going to plan and you’re not getting the results you expected, Smileie should provide additional sets of aligners until you reach their goal. By the end of your treatment, your smile should match the 3D preview you received before you started.

Your Smileie treatment plan will include a free teeth whitening kit. You can use this at a time that suits you, though most customers will use it at the end of their treatment when they’re ready to show off their new smile.

How much does Smileie treatment cost?

In total, you can expect to pay between $1,078 and $1,278 for clear aligner treatment with Smileie. These are the prices, included impression kit, if you choose to pay up-front for your treatment. Prices can vary for customers that want single-arch treatment, or choose to pay monthly for their treatment.

Discounts are available for students and for veterans. The student discount is $400 and the veteran discount is $100.

You may be able to pay for Smileie aligners with your HSA or FSA, by claiming a reimbursement receipt that you can submit to your insurer.

Impression Kit

Before you start your Smileie treatment, you will need to purchase an impression kit. This costs $79 including two-way shipping.

Once you have purchased the impression kit, it’s shipped to your home so you can make your first dental impressions. You’ll send your dental impressions to Smileie, so they can create your 3D Treatment Plan. If you decide to go ahead, your impressions will also be used as the base for your aligners.

Though the home impression kit is an unavoidable up-front cost, you will receive a full refund if you’re not happy with your 3D Treatment Plan. You will also get a refund if Smileie dentists decide that you’re not a suitable candidate.


Smileie treatment costs $1,199 if you pay for Night Time Aligners, or a lower price of $999 for Day Time Aligners. These are the prices if you choose to pay up-front for your treatment.

You also have the option of paying in instalments, which will increase the cost of your treatment but will help you spread the cost.

If you only require adjustment for your top teeth, or only your bottom teeth, you can opt for Single Arch treatment instead. Day Time Single Arch plans cost $699, whilst Night Time Single Arch costs $799.


Your first set of retainers will be included in your treatment kit from Smileie. You will need to wear these once your teeth straightening treatment is complete.

Smileie advises that you wear your retainers day and night for at least six months, before moving on to wearing them nightly if you don’t want your teeth to move back. You should wear retainers indefinitely.

Retainers don’t last forever. Over time they will wear down, weaken and become warped. You will need new retainers, roughly once a year, to keep your teeth in the right position. You cannot buy new retainers from Smileie, so you will need to source another provider for future retainer purchases.

Are payment options available?

If you don’t want to pay up-front for your aligner treatment, you can choose to pay in monthly instalments.

If you want Day Time Aligners, you will pay $298 as a down payment, followed by seven months of $143. This brings the total price to $1,299. Paying in one go would cost $999.

For Night Time Aligners, you will pay a $500 deposit followed by nine instalments of $123. This brings the total to $1,607. Paying in one go would cost $1,199.

You can also choose to pay in instalments if you are only having single-arch treatment. This increases the cost of treatment by $200 for Night Time treatment plans, with a deposit of $299 followed by seven instalments of $100. For Day Time single-arch treatment plans, paying in instalments costs $100 more. You’ll pay a $200 deposit, followed by six monthly payments of $100.

Is a warranty or guarantee available?

If you don’t get the results you expected, and your smile doesn’t match the smile projection that you were shown at the start of your treatment, then you will receive free refinement aligners until you reach your goal.

Your right to a guarantee of free refinements may be affected if you haven’t been checking in as expected, or haven’t provided honest detail about the progression of your treatment. Understandably, Smileie would prefer to catch any issues early and make modifications to your treatment plan.

Where is Smileie treatment available?

You don’t need to visit a dental office to start your Smileie treatment. Everything happens at home, so you can get Smileie treatment from anywhere in the US. Smileie will also ship internationally.

What about customer service?

You can find Smileie on all major social media platforms. You can also email or phone, so there are many different ways to keep in touch or to ask and questions that you have.

If you’d prefer to contact Smileie a different way, there’s a live chat function on the website. This will connect you to Smileie customer support.

Smileie: The Verdict


As long as you’re a suitable candidate for treatment, you can receive your Smileie aligners from any US state. Smileie aligners can also be shipped overseas, so availability is good whether you’re based in the US or elsewhere.

Some people prefer to get check-ups in person, and if that describes you then you might not suit Smileie’s treatment method. If you’re happy to go through your treatment remotely, you should have no trouble with Smileie.


Smileie prices are typical for clear aligners in the US. Their aligners are not the cheapest on the market, but they’re also not the most expensive.

With Smileie you have many different pricing options available, and this is where Smileie might stand out from similar companies. You can choose to spread the cost of your treatment if paying up-front is too expensive, though you should be aware that this will increase the price of treatment overall. You can also cut costs by choosing single-arch treatment if you’re a suitable candidate, allowing you to make adjustments to one row of teeth for less than you would pay for a full set.

Ease of Use

It should be easy to progress through your Smileie clear aligner treatment. Everything is done remotely, including your occasional check-ups, so you don’t need to visit a clinic in person or worry about making appointments.

Your aligners are shipped to your door when you need them, and your thorough treatment plan will tell you when to switch from a previous set to a new one. All you need to do is follow your plan, and stick to the treatment you’ve agreed to.

The option of Night Time Aligners will help those that want their treatment to be even more discreet, and can save you from the need to remove your aligners if you’re dining out in a restaurant.


With Smileie you’ll have more treatment options than you get with most other providers. As well as the option of Day Time or Night Time treatment, you can also choose Single Arch treatment if you only need adjustments to one row of teeth and can save some money with that option.

Just remember that unless you go for full Day Time treatment, your chosen treatment is likely to take longer overall.


You will be asked to check in regularly as your treatment progresses, so you can make sure that your treatment is on track and Smileie’s team are happy with your smile. If anything isn’t working out, there will be opportunities to highlight these concerns and get them fixed.

Your treatment plan includes free refinement. If your final result doesn’t match what your treatment plan showed at the start, you will be offered additional aligners to get to the smile you’re expecting. This means that whatever you see in your 3D Treatment Plan is exactly what you should receive.

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Smileie FAQs

Do you have to wear a retainer when you finish your treatment?

Yes, you do need to wear a retainer once you’ve finished your treatment. With most companies you only need to wear the retainer for around 6 weeks for the full day before switching to night-time only, but Smileie ask that you wear the retainer for 22 hours a day for six months, before switching to wearing them at night only. Retainers should be replaced every 1-2 years.

How long should treatment last?

Most Smileie customers should expect to wear aligners for a total of 4-6 months. Your treatment will be closer to four months if your teeth don’t need a lot of adjustment, and if you wear aligners day and night. If your teeth need more adjustment, or if you opt for nighttime-only aligners, then your treatment will last a while longer.

Can I eat and drink while wearing my aligners?

You can’t eat or drink whilst wearing your aligners, unless you’re only drinking water. Food and drink can stain, damage or warp your clear aligners. You should remove your aligners before eating and drinking, then make sure that you brush your teeth before you reinsert your aligner trays. If you don’t, you risk food being stuck underneath the aligners and pressed against your teeth.

How many hours a day do I need to wear the aligners?

If you choose Smileie’s Day Time Aligners, you will need to wear these almost all the time. You should only remove them for eating, drinking and brushing your teeth. You can expect to wear your clear aligners for at least 22 hours each day. If you choose Night Time Aligners, you’re expected to wear these overnight for 10 hours. Most people don’t sleep that long, so this might require a bit of planning. Many people brush their teeth after their evening meal, insert their aligners and then remove them again in the morning.

Will I have a lisp when I’m wearing the aligners?

Clear aligners shouldn’t cause a lisp, but you might notice that your voice sounds different when you first start wearing them. A short-term lisp at the beginning of treatment isn’t that unusual, but after a few days you should adjust and find that your voice returns to normal.

Does treatment hurt?

Remember that your clear aligners are gradually moving your teeth. A bit of pressure is something to expect, particularly in the first 24 hours after starting each new set of aligner trays. Your discomfort shouldn’t become pain, though. If you’re experiencing pain, the aligners might not be the perfect fit. Sometimes, aligners aren’t quite made properly if your impressions weren’t perfect, so you might need to make another dental impression if your aligners aren’t comfortable to wear.

Can I play a musical instrument while wearing aligners?

If you play a musical instrument, you will be able to continue during your clear aligner treatment. Just make sure that you’re not putting too much pressure on your plastic aligners.

How long after I send my impressions back will I get my Smile Projection?

When you send your impressions to Smileie, they’ll be reviewed by dental professionals. This can take up to five weeks. You will then receive a treatment plan including a 3D projection, so you can decide if you want to go ahead with your treatment. It may take another 2-3 weeks to get hold of your first set of aligners.

How do I clean my aligners?

It’s recommended that you clean your Smileie aligners with a soft-bristled toothbrush, rinsing them in clean water from the tap. You shouldn’t use toothpaste, because this can scratch your aligners and start to discolor them. You should also avoid hot water, as this can start to melt the aligners or change their shape.

What should I do if I lose a set of aligners?

If you lose one set of aligners, you should contact Smileie straight away for advice. They might provide a replacement, or could suggest moving on to your next set early. Any decisions will be made with your personal treatment plan in mind.


Affordable clear aligners with a range of treatment options – are Smileie the aligner provider you're looking for? Find out in our detailed review.



  • Option to use daytime or night-only aligners
  • Whitening kit, 2 free retainers and refinements included in your plan
  • Receive all your aligners upfront
  • Supported by expert dentists and orthodontists throughout your journey


  • No option to visit a clinic, remote only

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