Top 5 At Home Clear Aligners

How you can straighten your teeth completely at home

One of the benefits of clear aligners is that you can have treatment at home. Instead of visiting clinics and sitting through appointments, you can take control and be in charge. You can still have checkups, but these are as simple as sending a few photos through a smartphone app.

With at-home treatment, you can straighten your teeth with unparalleled convenience. Get on with everyday life, fixing dental malocclusion without any long trips or waiting rooms. Everything happens from the comfort of your home, with discreet aligners that your friends won’t even notice.

What could be better than a quick and easy treatment for your crooked teeth or imperfect bite? With at-home clear aligners, you can get straighter teeth on your own terms. Whether you simply don’t want to travel, or you have anxieties about orthodontist visits, there really couldn’t be an easier way to get the straight smile you’ve always wanted.

Many clear aligner providers offer at-home treatment. In fact, almost all will give you the option of ordering a home impression kit. Only very rarely will a provider insist that you visit a clinic. So, we’ve worked hard to put a Top 5 together, to help you know where to start.

Here are our Top 5 At Home Clear Aligner providers, as a launchpad for your search:


Smile Direct Club

You’ve probably heard of SmileDirectClub. Easily earning top billing for at-home clear aligner providers, SmileDirectClub has been making people smile since launching in 2014. One of the older and better-known aligner providers, this company offers both standard aligners and their nighttime-only option.

Why SmileDirectClub? Well, there are many different reasons to choose this provider. First, you might like them for their reasonable cost with treatment starting at $1895. Then, you might like that this provider is a member of the American Teledentistry Association. That’s great reassurance if you’re completing treatment at home.

Home impression kits look great and can be shipped to almost any US address. They come with sturdy trays for making your impressions, and easy-to-use instructions. Free overnight shipping means that you can get started as quickly as you want, so you don’t have to sit and impatiently wait if you’ve chosen at-home teeth straightening. Use the provided putty to make your molds, then ship them back with prepaid returns.

SmileDirectClub really offers everything you need for at-home clear aligner treatment. As well as your aligners, you’ll have the option of buying other SmileDirectClub products. Become brand loyal with aligner cleaning tablets, chewies, water flossers, toothpastes, toothbrushes and teeth whitening treatments. If a perfect smile is your end goal, SmileDirectClub stocks everything you need to make sure that you’re on track.

Managing your treatment is easy. SmileDirectClub’s app will clearly show when you need to switch to new aligner trays. You can also see how long is left of your treatment, and how many more aligner tray sets you’ll need to use. If you’ve accidentally missed a day or worn old aligners for too long, there’s an easy-to-find button that gets your treatment back on track.

Of course, treatment at home doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you like. It’s still important to check in with the professionals and make sure that things are going well. With SmileDirectClub that’s easy. The app will prompt you when it’s time to check in. Just sent a few photos and they’ll get reviewed to make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy and your treatment is working.

Most people complete their treatment within 6 months of their starting date. Nighttime-only aligners will take a little longer to bring great results.



Candid might not be the cheapest provider, with treatment starting at $2400, but this at-home clear aligner provider has earned its place in our Top 5. Candid launched in 2017 and offers treatment with a great guarantee. If you’re not happy with your final results, they’ll provide free refinements until you have the smile you’ve always wanted.

At-home aligner treatment is easy and reassuring with Candid. As you go through your treatment, you’ll use the Candid app to check-in and send progression photos. All cases are reviewed by qualified orthodontists, so you can be sure that your treatment is progressing and your teeth are moved and repositioned safely. Treatment should take about 6 months in total, though might take a little longer if your teeth need a lot of adjustments.

Candid treatment is convenient, with no appointments unless you want them. Your aligner kit comes with a handy device that helps to open your mouth so you can take the perfect dental photographs. Checking in is as easy as standing in front of a mirror and snapping a few pictures.

So, how do you get started with Candid? It’s as easy as ordering a home impression kit with free priority shipping. Your Starter Kit comes with trays, impression putty and easy to follow instructions. If you turn out not to be a suitable candidate, Candid will refund the cost of your impression kit so you don’t lose any money. And once you’ve finished treatment, you’ll fix your smile in place by wearing nighttime retainers. For every set of retainers purchased, Candid makes a $25 donation to charity. That’s another thing to smile about!



If fast results are high on your list of priorities then byte could be your favorite provider. Unlike other companies with average six month treatment times, byte suggests you could have the perfect smile in just half the time. Why? It’s thanks to the HyperByte tool that’s included in your treatment pack.

The HyperByte tool is byte’s secret weapon, helping to ensure that your aligners are perfectly positioned. This vibrating tool helps to make sure that your aligners sit on your teeth properly. Correct positioning of your clear aligners ensures less pain and faster results, so you can trust byte for a straighter smile in time for a big event or deadline.

You can go through your byte treatment without the need to visit a clinic. Treatment costs from $1895, starting with an impression kit that comes with free return shipping. Make your dental impressions from the comfort of your home, with an impression kit that comes with trays and putty as well as a cheek stretcher and some gloves.

Treatment with byte is orthodontist monitored, so you’ll need to check-in online. Checking in is easy and helps to make sure that your treatment is going to plan. You’ll also receive a free teeth whitening treatment to use at any time you like, and byte includes your first set of retainers in the overall cost of your treatment.

As well as offering speedy teeth straightening with aligners that you’ll wear every day, byte also gives the option of nighttime-only treatment. If you wear your aligners only at night, your treatment length is likely to double. Still, this means it’ll take six months which is average for other providers with their all-day treatments.

If you’re not happy at the end of your treatment, byte can reevaluate results. If you’ve followed your treatment plan with regular check-ins, you may get more aligners free of charge. You can keep refining your smile until it’s one that you’re happy with. There’s also a byte-for-life guarantee, which offers further treatment if your teeth move back after your treatment is complete.



With 100% approval for finance, SmileLove might be a great choice if you want to spread the cost of your treatment. Overall costs for clear aligners with SmileLove are very fair. Your treatment should cost about $1895 including a free home impression kit. You’ll also get a free set of retainers to hold your teeth in place after treatment.

You can enjoy teeth straightening treatment with SmileLove from the comfort of your home. This provider doesn’t have any clinics, so there’s really no alternative. Their invisible aligners get to work with average treatment times of 6-8 months. Each set of aligner trays is one for two weeks, and a free teeth whitening product is shipped as your treatment comes to an end.

It’s easy to use the home impression kit to make molds that will be used for your aligners. Your impression kit includes a batch of practice putty, so you can work on getting things right. There’s a box with prepaid shipping to send your impressions to SmileLove to get your treatment started.

With SmileLove, don’t expect to be regularly asked to check in. Orthodontists will check that you’re a suitable candidate, but won’t be involved once you start. Support is available if you need it, but there’s nobody to check that you’re on track or tell you when to move to new aligner trays. This will only work if you’ve got self-control and can set a reminder on your phone!

SmileLove’s hands-off approach isn’t for everyone, but if you want to enjoy straighter teeth without someone looking over your shoulder, then you might like SmileLove’s more relaxed approach to clear aligner treatment.



If a low price is your top priority then you’ll want to look at AlignerCo. Their invisible aligners come at a starting cost of just $1145.

There are no AlignerCo clinics, so you’ll manage your treatment at home. Your impression kit is shipped directly to your door with plastic trays and putty for your molds.

With AlignerCo your treatment is expected to take between 6 months and 1 year. Nighttime-only aligners are also available, though these can take a little longer to realign your smile. Every two weeks, you will switch to a new set of aligner trays. These will help you progress through your treatment at a regular and sensible pace. Don’t rush your treatment, as your jaw might not settle and your teeth are more likely to move back.

Your invisible aligners will slowly move your teeth into their intended positions. This at-home aligner treatment comes with the option of refinements if you don’t like the results. To be eligible for further refinements, just make sure that you’ve followed your treatment plan. You’ll be given the option of extra aligners to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Once you’ve reached the end of your treatment, AlignerCo provides your first set of retainers to hold your teeth in their new positions. Don’t forget to keep wearing retainers to keep the great results you’ve worked hard for.

Teeth straightening treatment at home

As long as you’re careful, teeth straightening treatment at home can be very successful. Just make sure that you follow your treatment plan and check in as often as you’re asked to.

With clear aligners at home, there’s no need to visit a specialist clinic. You can avoid any face-to-face appointments with employees of teeth straightening companies.

Remember that at-home clear aligners don’t mean that you skip regular checkups. You’ll still need to stick to your checkup appointments with your regular dentist. Your dentist will look for signs of gum disease and any developing cavities, so if you’re aiming for the perfect smile it’s important to keep up with these commitments.

Many people like that at-home clear aligners are convenient, easy and quick. You’ll get a home impression kit, make your own molds then progress through your treatment on your own. Most providers offer a smartphone app to make it easy to check in, and it’s very important that you do check in because this will keep your treatment on track.

If you have any problems at the end of your treatment and results don’t match your expectations, many providers will offer a partial refund or further aligners. If you haven’t stuck to your treatment plan, or haven’t checked in like you were asked, the likelihood is that any guarantee or warranty will be null and void.

With clear aligners at home, you’re responsible for the success of your treatment. If you’re happy to take on that responsibility, why not get started today?