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Read our SnapCorrect reviews and our guides to SnapCorrect aligners. Can SnapCorrect give you the straighter teeth you’ve always wanted?

Written by Blair Hudson GDP Registered Dentist

SnapCorrect offers everything you should need for a whiter, brighter and straighter smile. As well as clear aligners to straighten your teeth, your kit comes complete with teeth whitening products and an end-of-treatment retainer.

When you choose SnapCorrect as your clear aligner provider, everything you need can be sent straight to your house. SnapCorrect even claims that its aligners are clearer and less visible than some of the leading competitors.

Are SnapCorrect’s invisible aligners the right choice for your dental treatment?

First Glance

SnapCorrect offers what it describes as ‘truly invisible aligners’. These clear aligners can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door. Your teeth straightening journey starts with an aligner impression kit. The process is overseen by professional dental technicians.


  • At home service supported by dental technicians
  • Payment options including Smile Now, Pay Later
  • Send your own impressions from anywhere
  • Get just your top or bottom teeth aligned


  • Up-front payment needed for SnapCorrect impression kits
  • No clinics available for checkups
  • Self-managed treatment with all aligners shipped at the same time

Who is behind SnapCorrect?

SnapCorrect is based in Vancouver. Founded in 2017, SnapCorrect is owned by Luis Lajous. Lajous was also the name behind Beaming White teeth whitening products.

SnapCorrect aligners are produced using a patented technology. This helps SnapCorrect to keep their prices lower, so you can get your dental aligners for less. In return for a product that’s cheaper than traditional braces or Invisalign treatment, you’ll need to do everything at home. To date, there are no SnapCorrect clinics where you can get checked by the professionals.

Though your service is provided with support from professional dental technicians, SnapCorrect boasts that their business is almost entirely internet-based. In their own words, it’s a process that requires ‘very little human intervention’.

SnapCorrect can keep prices low, whilst simultaneously making their profit through keeping everything online.

Who can use SnapCorrect aligners?

SnapCorrect aligners are suitable for patients aged 14 and over. Younger children may be able to get treatment if their secondary molars have erupted. You’ll need to have your adult teeth, and the clear aligners can be used to fix mild to moderate dental issues.

Problems resolved by SnapCorrect aligners include overcrowding, crooked teeth and excessive gaps. If your teeth have particularly large gaps or are very overlapped, the aligners may not bring the best results. SnapCorrect’s technicians will be able to assess each patient’s unique dental profile.

If you need to have any teeth removed, or cavities fixed in advance, you should wait a further 4-6 weeks before you make your impressions. This ensures that your gums have properly healed and your teeth are settled into position.

How are the dental aligners made?

SnapCorrect aligners are made using BPA-free and latex-free plastic. The plastic is provided by DENTSPLY, and is medical grade clear plastic that’s FDA approved.

Aligners are made using patented 3D printing techniques, and there are two ways to get started with your first set of clear aligners:

SnapCorrect Impressions

For $49, you can buy your SnapCorrect impression kit. This comes with everything you need to make a mould of your teeth.

Your impression kit will be shipped to your door. You can make your mould from the comfort of your own home. You’ll also need to take some photographs of your mouth.

If your impressions show that you’re not a suitable candidate for SnapCorrect treatment, you’ll be offered a 100% refund of the price of your impression kit.

Other Impressions

If you don't want to buy a SnapCorrect impression kit, you can send them your impressions from elsewhere. SnapCorrect will accept impressions from any of their competitors. You can also get impressions taken by professionals at your dentist’s office, which can be a great option if you’re feeling worried about taking your impressions at home.

If you’re using another impression kit, SnapCorrect cannot offer a refund if you’re found to be unsuitable for treatment.

What treatment options are available?

You’ll have a couple of treatment options. Most people will choose a full set of dental aligners to straighten their teeth effectively.

Top and bottom aligners

The standard treatment option. You’ll receive a full set of clear dental aligners. You’ll get aligners for your top and bottom teeth and will need to wear them both at the same time.

With this treatment, your aligners work together to straighten your teeth effectively. Aligners should be worn day and night, only remove when you’re eating or brushing your teeth. It’s important to brush after every meal, and every drink of something other than water.

With dental aligners good oral hygiene is essential. Brushing and flossing reduces the risk of food being held against your teeth.

Individual aligners

Whilst most people choose to wear a full set of aligners, there is another option available. If you’re happy with one row of teeth, you may be eligible for just one tray of aligners. You could straighten just your top teeth if you’re happy with the bottom, or just the bottom if the top’s already straight.

If you’re choosing individual aligners, you should be aware of the risks. Using aligners to shift one row of teeth can have an impact on the other.

If you’re considering individual aligner trays, SnapCorrect can offer their advice.

How long does SnapCorrect treatment take?

Typical SnapCorrect treatment can take between 3-9 months. How long your treatment takes will depend on the layout of your teeth.

If you’re a more severe case, with larger gaps or a lot of overcrowding, you should expect to be wearing clear braces for up to 18 months.

Are there any other steps to take?

Your treatment will not be overseen by a professional dentist. There are no SnapCorrect clinics, so it’s important that you visit your usual dentist for your regular checkups. These checkups ensure that you don’t end up with cavities or other dental problems.

You’ll receive all your aligners at once. Everything is shipped together, including your first set of retainers and your teeth whitening treatment. You’ll need to stay on track without additional support, so you must remember to switch aligners to a new set every two weeks.

How much does SnapCorrect treatment cost?

There are a few different costs, adding up to the total price of treatment with SnapCorrect:

Impression kit

Your SnapCorrect impression kit costs $49. You’ll get a full refund if accurate impressions show that you’re not suitable for treatment.

If you make a mistake, you will need to pay for another impression kit.

If you don’t want to use a SnapCorrect impression kit, you can use one from elsewhere. You can send impressions taken by your dentist or using a competitor’s kit.


Once you’ve sent your impressions to SnapCorrect, you’ll find out if you’re eligible for treatment.  Your Treatment Plan will outline your treatment, as well as showing an estimate of final results.

If you choose to go ahead with SnapCorrect treatment, this costs $1,749 for everything from start to finish. This price includes a free teeth whitening kit.


Some providers of clear aligners will charge you for any replacements. This can add to the cost of your treatment if aligners are broken or lost.

With SnapCorrect, you get all of your aligners at once. If you’re unlucky enough to lose one tray or one set, you’ll simply move to the next a little early. You should use the next set for longer, sticking to your original schedule.

Moving to new aligners slightly early can cause some short-lived discomfort. Your teeth are being pressed slightly harder than they otherwise would be. Within a few days, this extra pain should have subsided.


Retainers are the ongoing cost to follow your clear aligner treatment. To maintain your straighter teeth you should wear the aligners for the rest of your life. Retainers should be worn day and night straight after you’ve completed your treatment, though once your teeth have settled (after a few weeks) you’ll only need to wear them at night.

Your first set of aligners is free, included in the price of your treatment. These won’t last forever. You should expect to buy new aligners approximately every six months. These come at a cost of $95, so you’ll need to pay almost $200 per year to maintain your new smile.

Are payment options available?

A Smile Now, Pay Later payment plan is available. This is provided by Affirm.

You can pay for your treatment over anything from 6-24 months. Interest is added at a typical rate of around 10% APR.

As a guide, the total cost of your treatment may rise to $1,940 if you choose to spread the cost.

Is a warranty or guarantee available?

If you’re not eligible for treatment, you’ll be offered a full refund of the cost of your impression kit.

If there are problems with your aligners after treatment has started, you can request a replacement. You can’t get a refund if you’re approved for treatment but decide you don’t want to go ahead.

If you’re not happy at the end of treatment, no refund is available at this stage. You’ll be shown a Treatment Plan at the start with your expected results, but these may not be the final results of your treatment.

How old do you have to be?

SnapCorrect treatment is available as long as you have all your permanent teeth. For most people, treatment can start at around 14 years old.

Where is SnapCorrect available?

SnapCorrect aligners can be sent to all US addresses. SnapCorrect aligners are also available in other countries, with more than 50,000 sets sold worldwide.

As you don’t need to visit a clinic or office, you can enjoy SnapCorrect treatment no matter where you live.

What about customer service?

If you have any problems with your treatment, you can contact SnapCorrect using an online support ticket.

You can also call 360-244-4141.

SnapCorrect: The Verdict


There are no SnapCorrect clinics or offices, so you can choose SnapCorrect treatment wherever you live.

You’ll need to send a home impression kit, or get impressions done by your usual dentist. You’ll then receive everything you need, shipped to your door, so you can use SnapCorrect at home.


SnapCorrect offers more affordable treatment than many competitors. Aligners are made using patented technology, produced for SnapCorrect at fairly low prices, and the company keeps costs down by operating solely online. You will need to pay up-front for your aligner kits. These cost $49, though you may need more than one to get your perfect impressions.

Dental aligners from SnapCorrect costs $1,749 in total. That’s quite a low price and can be paid up-front or in regular instalments. A payment plan is offered by Affirm, but could raise the total price of your treatment by about $200.

Another benefit of SnapCorrect treatment is that there are no unexpected surprises. If you accidentally lose or break one set of aligners, you won’t need to pay for a replacement. Instead, just move to the next set of aligners in your treatment plan.

You’ll get your first set of retainers, and a free teeth whitening kit, but should be prepared for ongoing costs of $200 per year after treatment.

Ease of use

You’ll go through your SnapCorrect treatment at home. Whilst this is convenient, it does come with a few issues. First, you’ll need to do your impressions at home and these can easily go wrong. You should read and follow the instructions very carefully. Impression kits costs $49, and you’ll need to buy another if something goes wrong with your first kit. Fortunately, SnapCorrect will take impressions from dentists if you want to get yours done elsewhere.

You’ll get all your aligners delivered at the same time. This is great if you’re self-motivated and can keep them safe, but you’ll need to remember to change to new sets on your own. You’ll also need to make sure you don’t lose all your sets of aligners – replacing every set would be very expensive!


Really, there’s only one SnapCorrect treatment option. You’ll pay for a full treatment plan and get all your aligners at once. You’ll need to wear your aligners for at least 20 hours every day, with treatment suiting people with mild to moderate malocclusion.

In some cases, you may be able to ask for just one set of trays. If that happens, you’ll be treating just your top or bottom row of teeth. For most people, this isn’t recommended.


Unfortunately, SnapCorrect doesn’t offer a lot of reassurance. You can get a refund on your impression kit if you’re not eligible for treatment, but you’ll need to pay for multiple kits if you make mistakes with your first one.

If you’re eligible for treatment you can’t get a refund, and you’ll get all your aligners in one go. SnapCorrect will replace aligners that have arrived imperfect but don’t offer reassurance that your results will match original predictions.

Got more questions about aligners? Check out our FAQ section.

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SnapCorrect FAQs

Are they truly invisible?

SnapCorrect claims that their more modern aligners are made using the latest technology to ensure they are clearer than those from other providers, so that they are as invisible as possible. If you’re concerned about others seeing your aligners during your day-to-day, then you may wish to choose SnapCorrect for their clearest aligners since people won’t be able to tell you’re wearing them (although most providers would argue the same).

How does SnapCorrect compare to Invisalign?

SnapCorrect manufactures its aligners differently to Invisalign – while Invisalign uses 3D printing, SnapCorrect has its own molding process that it claims makes it more customizable, and gives aligners that are clearer. SnapCorrect pricing does increase if you choose to pay over a longer period but it should still be the cheaper option for most customers when compared with Invisalign. SnapCorrect is generally cheaper than Invisalign too, with treatment costs starting at $1749 compared to the average $3000 entry-level treatment for Invisalign.

How long has SnapCorrect been in business?

SnapCorrect’s aligners were first patented in 2012 and have been sold, through various companies, in over 24 countries to over 50,000 customers. The aligners are now sold exclusively through the SnapCorrect brand to customers in the United States, and the aligners are FDA-approved so you can be sure they are a safe product to use.

Will you accept impressions from other providers?

SnapCorrect are willing to accept impression kits from other aligner providers, or from your dentist, if you’ve decided to make the switch to SnapCorrect for your aligner treatment. SnapCorrect can even provide you with a shipping label so you don’t need to spend extra to get your impressions to them. Just make sure your impressions are carefully packed so that they aren’t damaged in transit, otherwise, they won’t be usable and you’d have to buy a new impression kit to start your treatment process again.

Is the return date on my impression kit important?

The return date on your impression kit serves as a reminder that you should try to send it back as soon as possible. As long as you’ve not used your impression kit, it’ll keep for months if necessary, so if you decide to delay your treatment you can keep it unused until you’re ready. However, once you’ve made your impressions you need to ship them back to SnapCorrect as soon as possible. That’s because your teeth can move over time naturally, and even slight shifts can mean that your aligners wouldn’t work properly when you did start to use them.

Can I return an impression kit if I decide not to use it?

Unfortunately, for health and safety reasons, SnapCorrect can’t accept returns on impression kits. So before you place your order, you need to make sure you want to try it. As soon as the seal is broken on the shipping box, returns cannot be accepted (so you should also be careful if you think you’ve received a package from SnapCorrect in error, as you may be liable for the cost). Remember that you can get a refund once you’ve used your impression kit, if it turns out that you aren’t suitable for treatment. But if you change your mind, you can’t get the impression kit refunded if the box has been opened.

How do I know if my insurance covers SnapCorrect aligners?

SnapCorrect can’t liaise with your insurance provider directly so you’ll just need to speak to your insurance company yourself to see if your dental plan covers aligner treatment. It may be referred to as “tele-dentistry” in your coverage. While SnapCorrect can ask your insurer for you, they can accept direct payment – so you don’t need to make the payment yourself upfront and then get reimbursed afterwards. Once you’ve established whether your dental plan does include aligner treatments, you can start the process to get your insurance company to make the payment on your behalf.

What does the “U” and “L” mean on my aligners?

Quite simply, the U and L on your aligner sets stand for “Upper” and “Lower”, so you know which tray is designed to fit where in your mouth. It’s important you put them in the correct place otherwise you can push your teeth in the wrong direction and set your treatment back. If there’s anything else with your aligners that you aren’t clear on once they’ve been shipped to you, you can get in touch with the Customer Support Representatives who will be happy to help you make sure you’re using your aligners correctly.

Can I wear aligners if I’m pregnant?

You’re fine to wear aligners if you’re pregnant, they’ll cause no further damage although you may find that your gums are more sensitive, so you might feel in more discomfort than you normally would. Don’t worry, as they should settle down as normal after a couple of days once you switch to each new set of aligners. SnapCorrect even mentions how aligners can be beneficial if you’re suffering from morning sickness, as they can protect your tooth enamel from stomach acid. Just make sure to properly rinse your aligners if you are sick while wearing them so that acid doesn’t remain on them and potentially cause damage.

How do I avoid drag marks on my impressions?

Drag marks are where your teeth scrape the putty when you’re making your impression. This spoils the impression as it leaves marks which don’t give SnapCorrect an accurate reading of your mouth. The best way to avoid them is to make sure you insert your teeth into the putty completely vertically, don’t slide them in sideways at all. And then, vitally, you need to leave the trays in your mouth for the full 3 and a half minutes. If the putty hasn’t hardened properly, then your teeth could scrape and cause marks. If you forget to time yourself, just start counting 3 and a half minutes from when you realize. There is no harm in leaving them in too long.


Read our SnapCorrect reviews and our guides to SnapCorrect aligners. Can SnapCorrect give you the straighter teeth you’ve always wanted?

3.77/5 (6 ratings)
See all reviews


  • At home service supported by dental technicians
  • Payment options including Smile Now, Pay Later
  • Send your own impressions from anywhere
  • Get just your top or bottom teeth aligned


  • Up-front payment needed for impression kits
  • No clinics available for checkups
  • Self-managed treatment

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Patti Higgins
February 8, 2024
I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to get aftercare retainers for MONTHS and no response

I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to get aftercare retainers for MONTHS and no response. I’ve ordered them before and the last time was in May 2022. I ordered multiples at that time. Currently I’m on my last set of retainers and they are already “too old” to prevent shifting and it soon I will have to go to another company if they don’t respond. This is a desperate attempt to get help.

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Corry Ashley Wingate
February 11, 2022
I received treatment from Snap Correct and the treatment was not successful 13 different times

I received treatment from Snap Correct and the treatment was not successful 13 different times due to manufacturing defects. I have been so incredibly patient with them for the last 3 years and they have stopped responding to my emails. I never signed an agreement that doesn’t guarantee results. Completely unethical. Complete SCAM! Do not waste your money.

One person found this helpful


Corry Ashley Wingate
September 8, 2021

I received treatment from Snap Correct and the treatment was not successful 13 different times due to manufacturing defects. I have been so incredibly patient with them for the last 3 years and they have stopped responding to my emails. I never signed an agreement that doesn’t guarantee results. Completely unethical. Complete SCAM! Do not waste your money.

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