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Aligners that are affordable, effective and backed by a national dentist chain? It may be that Motto Aligners are the perfect option for you. Let’s find out with our review.

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Written by Lewis Grove

With over 1,000 locations, live care from doctors and the option to treat complex issues, Motto Aligners promises a lot, but do they deliver?

First Glance

Motto Aligners offer effective aligner treatment backed with doctor care. You’ll be guided through the whole process with a lot of support, making sure you get the results you were hoping for. Everything is made simple, so that you can be completely reassured through the whole process of gaining your new smile.


  • Over 1,000 locations to visit to begin your journey
  • Can treat more complex cases than many rival providers
  • Extensive, doctor-backed support throughout
  • Affordable payment plans


  • No option for remote impression kits
  • All-day aligners only, no night-time aligner options
  • Pricing is a little unclear

Who is behind Motto Aligners?

Motto Aligners is a treatment option for Aspen Dental – a chain of dental providers with over 1,000 locations across the US, including in 43 states. The aligners are only available via Aspen Dental locations. Aligners are made in the US, so you know that you’re getting genuine US-backed support and a quality product that will help redefine your smile.

Who can use Motto Aligners?

Often with clear aligner treatments, you’re limited to only being able to treat mild to moderate issues. These include overcrowding, protruding teeth, or enlarged gaps between your teeth.

Motto Aligners is broadly the same, but because you’re getting doctor-backed treatment at a renowned dental chain, there may be some more complex cases that Motto Aligners can help to resolve, perhaps in conjunction with other treatments at the same location.

There are still some things that aligners can’t do. They move teeth, but they can’t change the shape or strength of your jaw. But the good thing is that you’ll get a full consultation as part of your treatment plan so that you can know what to expect from your treatment, and what is and isn’t possible.

Motto Aligners are willing to treat anyone who has had their full adult teeth come in, which means patients as young as 12 may be accepted. If your case is one that could improve over time without intervention, you’ll be given honest advice and told to come back for checkups so that you can determine if and when is the right time to start aligner treatment.

How are Motto aligners made?

Clear aligners are plastic liners that you wear over your teeth. The aligners used by Motto are made from a BPA-free plastic that makes them safe to be worn in your mouth, even if you’re pregnant – you’re not going to suffer any side effects.

Aligners are made based on your individual smile. You’ll have a scan taken of your existing smile, and then a plan will be made on how to gradually move your teeth using different sets of aligners. Once the treatment is agreed, the aligners are produced in stages, each one designed to push your teeth slightly more towards their new position.

You’ll change aligners regularly, until eventually your teeth are settled into their new position. At this stage, it’s important you wear a set of retainers (provided by Motto) in order to prevent them from shifting back. After all, your teeth are used to their old position – it takes a long time for them to set in their new places.

What treatment options are available?

There are several clear aligner companies and some of them have multiple treatment options. The main variables are in how you get your initial scans taken, and how long you have to wear your aligners.

For the initial scan, some companies work remotely, allowing you to make your own impressions of your teeth using an at-home kit. And there are some companies which give you the option of either at-home impression kits or visiting a clinic for a 3D scan.

Motto doesn’t offer at-home options though. While you may see this as a minor strike against the company from a convenience perspective, it’s worth noting that 3D scans carried out in a clinic by trained dentists are much more effective at capturing the full scope of your current smile, and so often give you better results.

As for the treatment options, some companies let you choose between all-day aligners (to be worn for around 22 hours per day), or night-time only aligners which only need to be worn for 10 hours a day.

Again though, Motto are a little more limited, with only full-day aligner options. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing aligners during the day, or you have a specific reason you can’t, you may have to look elsewhere.

How long does Motto treatment take?

Motto’s clear aligners start working immediately and overall, most patients get their finished results in under 6 months. The full length of time to complete your treatment will vary and if you have more complex issues, you may need to undergo some treatments before you begin (such as wisdom tooth removal) and even then, some patients may need to wear aligners for a longer period.

The good news is that estimates can be provided with your first consultation, so you’ll know what you’re signing up for before you agree to a treatment plan.

Are there any other steps to take?

Part of the reason you should consider choosing Motto Aligners for your clear aligner treatment is the fact that you’re working directly with professional dentists. As such, you are expected to check in with your dentist every 10 weeks or so, in order for them to check your progress and make sure your aligners are working correctly.

There may be some instances where these check-ins can happen remotely. You do this through MottoMonitoring, part of the online experience available with Motto. If your dentist does have concerns then they may still ask you to visit a clinic for a closer look.

All Motto plans come with a Premium Whitening Kit that you can use. Instructions are provided, so that by the end of your treatment you don’t just have a straighter smile, but a whiter one as well.

How much does Motto treatment cost?

Treatment for Motto Aligners starts at just $1,895 for your complete treatment, but can cost twice that depending on how you choose to pay and how complex your treatment is.

The good news is that some aligner treatments can be covered by dental insurance. Medicaid is not accepted but FSA and HSA plans can be used to cover the costs.


When you start treatment, you’ll visit an Aspen Dental clinic for a scan of your mouth. There’s no charge for this, and you’ll only pay if you decide that you want to proceed with treatment.


One of the bigger downsides to Motto Aligners is that pricing isn’t clear immediately, but that’s because they use a fair system of charging based on your individual case. There are three plans that are offered, depending on the work that is needed to correct your smile.

The Essential Plan is the most straightforward option, and if you pay upfront this costs $1,895.

The medium option is the Plus plan. If your dentist recommends this, you’ll pay $2,195.

The most comprehensive treatment option is the Complete plan. The cost for this is $2,495.


As part of your treatment plan, you’ll get your first set of retainers included in the price you pay. If you lose or damage your retainers, there may be a cost involved to replace them. This price isn’t made clear.

However, you do have the option of taking out a MottoRetain plan, which is an insurance policy for your retainers that lasts for 2 years from your treatment ending. It covers up to 8 sets of retainers within that 2-year period.

You’re expected to wear your retainer for the long term. At first, you’ll wear it for the same amount of time that you wear your aligners – 22 hours per day. Once your doctor agrees that your teeth have been set in place, you’ll be able to switch to only wearing the retainers at night.

Are payment options available?

There are payment plans available if you wish to spread the cost of your treatment. They’re available with no down payment, but they are not interest free, and so it’s important to weigh up the extra costs involved before making your decision.

Credit is provided by CareCredit and is subject to status. If you are accepted you will pay for your treatment over a 5-year period.

The Essential plan costs $49 per month, meaning a total cost including interest of $2,882 – approximately $1,000 more than if you paid for the treatment upfront in full.

The Plus plan costs $56 per month, meaning a total cost including interest of $3,338 – approximately $1,140 more than if you paid upfront in full.

The Complete plan costs $64 per month, meaning a total cost of $3,794 – approximately $1,300 more than if you paid upfront in full.

Is a warranty or guarantee available?

Yes, all plans with Motto Aligners come with MottoAssured. This is a guarantee that you’ll get the results you were expecting, and if you don’t love your new smile, then Motto will work with you to give you free refinements so that you can get the final look you were hoping for.

There are some terms linked to MottoAssured – you need to have completed all of your regular check-ins as part of your regular treatment plan, and you have to request your refinements within 30 days of the end of your treatment, before you receive your retainers.

Where is Motto Aligners treatment available?

Motto Aligners treatment must be started with a visit to an Aspen Dental clinic. There are over 1,000 clinics in the US across 43 states, meaning there is usually one within driving distance if you live in mainland USA. Unfortunately, if you live in Hawaii or Alaska you may need to look at alternative, remote providers for your clear aligners (although check terms as some may not ship to certain locations).

What about customer service?

The support for Motto Aligners customers is pretty robust. You’ll be guided through the whole process by the company’s smile advisors and the dentist at your local clinic, but there are plenty of other resources when you need help at other times. You can call the team, or visit the website where there’s an FAQs page and a series of videos explaining some topics in more detail.

Motto Aligners: The Verdict


While it may be disappointing to some that Motto Aligners don’t offer a fully at-home treatment plan, and it could rule out some people from using the service, the availability is otherwise excellent. Over 1,000 clinics across 43 states is a high number, and so you most people will only be a short drive from their nearest clinic.

Once you’ve had your scans, you won’t need to make many return visits to the clinic, with the option to connect to the team online via your smartphone for some of your check-ins.


The price of Motto Aligners is pretty reasonable. It’s not the cheapest that you’ll find clear aligners treatment but it is far from the most expensive, and it’s around half the cost of a standard Invisalign treatment.

The prices do go up substantially if you need to pay with a finance plan, but in return you’re able to pay off your new smile over manageable instalments, and since there’s no down payment you don’t have to worry about saving up before you get started.

Ease of Use

The fact that you have to visit a clinic to get started with Motto Aligners is a good thing – there’s no impression kit for you to worry about messing up. And then, once your scans are taken by a professional, everything is mapped out for you really simply, and you just need to swap your aligners at the right time. The only extra thing to remember is the optional whitening kit included, and that’s really straightforward too. Motto’s treatments are really simple to follow.


There are three different treatment plans available with Motto Aligners, but none of them really class as different options. It just depends on how extensive the treatment is that you need. You can’t choose to just wear night-time aligners, and you can’t choose an at-home impression kit. Treatment follows the same process regardless of the work you need doing.


There’s plenty of reassurance provided if you choose Motto Aligners. You’re supported all through your journey by doctors, and you’ll have regular check-ins to make sure everything stays on track. Plus, if you’re not happy, you’ve got a guarantee of free refinements to complete your treatment.

Overall, if you’re fine visiting an Aspen Dental clinic, the quality of service you’ll receive with Motto Aligners is second to none.

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Motto Aligners FAQs

Am I a good candidate for treatment with Motto Aligners?

One of the key benefits of choosing Motto Aligners is the fact you’re working with a dental clinic. This means you’re able to get much better support and more complex treatment options are available. If you’re turned away from a rival provider of clear aligners, check to see whether Motto could be the solution you need.

How do I care for my Motto aligners?

It’s important to make sure you use your Motto aligners carefully. They’re designed to be worn 22 hours a day, meaning you’ve time to remove them to eat meals and to brush your teeth. You should also try to avoid drinking anything which isn’t water while wearing your aligners, to care for them and to care for your teeth, as sugar can get trapped between the aligner and gum. You should gently clean your aligners with a soft brush in lukewarm water.

Are Motto aligners painful?

There may be some mild discomfort when you’re using Motto aligners, but it should not be very painful. Remember that aligners are pushing your teeth into a new position so it won’t feel like you’re wearing nothing, but soreness should only last for 1-2 days after each time you change to a new set of aligners, and it should not be agonizing. Contact the support team if you think the pain is too much.

How long does treatment take with Motto Aligners?

The average treatment time for patients of Motto Aligners is 5.4 months and most people are finished in under 6 months. There may be some more complicated cases that take a few more months, but this will all be discussed with you at your initial consultation.

Does Motto Aligners offer remote services?

You aren’t able to use Motto Aligners completely remotely. The company does not offer at-home impression kits, so you have to start by visiting a clinic to get a scan of your mouth. From there you will be able to arrange at-home check-ins using the MottoMonitoring app on your smartphone, although you will only be able to skip some of your in-person appointments. There are some where you will still be asked to attend a clinic.

What is MottoRetain?

MottoRetain is an insurance program specifically for your retainers that you’ll need to wear once your treatment is complete. Retainers are essential for keeping your new smile in place, and if you pay for MottoRetain, you can get up to 8 free replacement sets if you lose or damage your retainers within the first two years of your treatment being completed.

What’s included in a Motto Aligners plan?

Whether you are a candidate for the Essential, Plus or Complete treatment plan, all Motto Aligners treatments include your aligners for the duration of your treatment, and the first set of retainers you’ll need for when your treatment is complete. You’ll have access to live doctor-directed care in-person at a clinic and you’ll also get a free premium whitening kit as part of your treatment plan.

Can insurance cover Motto Aligners treatment?

Depending on your specific insurance plan, Motto Aligners treatments could be covered. Check to see whether your dental plan specifically mentions orthodontic benefits. If it does then you may be eligible. Where possible, Motto Aligners will deal with your dental plan insurers directly and take payment from them, meaning you only have to pay out of pocket for any remaining balance once the relevant insurance payments and discounts have been subtracted. FSA and HSA can also be used in some cases.

What happens when Motto Aligners treatment is completed?

Once you’ve completed your treatment plan with Motto Aligners, you’ll be called in for a final check with the dental team at your nearest Aspen Dental clinic. You’ll review the results, and if you’re happy with your new smile then you’ll be given your retainer. You’ll need to wear this for 22 hours per day until an agreed time where your new smile has set, and then you can switch to wearing the retainer at night only. If you are not happy with your smile at the end of your treatment plan, you can let the company know within 30 days of your treatment ending. If you’ve followed all check-in rules then you may be entitled to free refinement aligners to further correct your smile.

Are payment plans available?

Payment plans are available for Motto Aligners treatment. They have a typical interest rate of 17.9% with no down payment required, splitting the cost across 5 years with a fixed monthly payment. Depending on your treatment plan you will pay around $1,000 to $1,300 more in interest than you would if you paid for your treatment outright up front.


Aligners that are affordable, effective and backed by a national dentist chain? It may be that Motto Aligners are the perfect option for you. Let’s find out with our review.

Motto Aligners


  • Over 1,000 locations to visit to begin your journey
  • Can treat more complex cases than many rival providers
  • Extensive, doctor-backed support throughout
  • Affordable payment plans


  • No option for remote impression kits
  • All-day aligners only, no night-time aligner options
  • Pricing is a little unclear

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