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Get up to 10% off your treatment with promo code: PLUSDENT100
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Get £100 off your aligner treatment from PlusDent with our exclusive promo code PLUSDENT100 - just enter the code at checkout.
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Get £150 off your aligner treatment from PlusDent with our exclusive promo code 150MYALIGNER
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£600 Off Your Treatment for Black Friday!

Get £600 off your clear aligner treatment with our exclusive deal link. Limited time only. Expires 1st Dec.
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Save money on a straighter smile with PlusDent voucher codes and online promos. With eight UK clinics that you can visit to start treatment, PlusDent offers payment plans and a Perfect Smile Guarantee. Add a voucher code to get a deal or discount and you’ll have so much to smile about.

You can trust PlusDent to give you the smile that you’ve always wanted. With its dentists registered with the General Dentist Council, you know PlusDent’s a provider that has your best interests at heart. Their clear aligners are comfortable, easy to use and discreet for all-day wear. With PlusDent vouchers, you can reduce the overall cost of your treatment.

There are PlusDent clinics in major cities across England, Scotland and Wales. Visit a clinic for a 3D scan, then complete your treatment at home. With total treatment times of 4-10 months, it won’t take long to see the difference in your smile. Remotely monitored by dentists through the PlusDent app, your treatment will progress with help on hand if ever it’s needed.

Use PlusDent codes to keep your costs down, and never pay more than you need to for PlusDent aligners.

Why use PlusDent voucher codes?

There are few better feelings than looking in the mirror and seeing the straight smile you’ve always wanted. But, you can make that feeling even better by knowing you’ve saved money on your treatment.

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With PlusDent deals and voucher codes, you can save money on the treatment you already want. There’s nothing to lose, and your bank balance will thank you for taking the time to find PlusDent discounts.

With PlusDent’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and with promos to sweeten the deal, there’s no reason to delay the straighter smile that you’ve already been dreaming of.

Get PlusDent promo codes

It’s easy to get PlusDent voucher codes. We’ve put all the best deals in one place, so you don’t need to scour the internet.

To get started, just click a discount link or find the relevant code online. We keep all our PlusDent deals here, so you’ll always get the latest PlusDent discounts.

You could pay full price for PlusDent aligners, but if the savings are available then why not enjoy them and bring the cost of your treatment down?

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PlusDent FAQs

How much could I save on my PlusDent clear aligner treatment with a voucher code?

You could save as much as £150 or more using one of our exclusive PlusDent voucher codes. These are 100% verified to work and you simply need to give quote it to PlusDent when making your purchase.

Does PlusDent offer a guarantee?

Yes! PlusDent offers all of their clear aligner treatments with a 100% Smile guarantee.

Can I spread the cost of my payments with PlusDent?

Yes! You can spread the cost of PlusDent treatment with a payment plan to pay in monthly instalments. And you’ll be able to save money off the total amount by using our unique voucher code above.

How much do clear aligners from PlusDent cost?

Your treatment cost with PlusDent will depend on your case, but it typically ranges from around £1,400 to £2,000 for the most complex teeth-straightening issues.

What is the biggest discount code that PlusDent offer?

The biggest voucher code that is currently available for PlusDent clear aligners is right here. You will get a huge £150 off the cost of your aligner treatment by simply adding the code at checkout.