Compare Clear Aligners

Easily compare clear teeth aligner costs and features at a glance with our handy table below.

Minimum Age
Impression Kit Cost
Monthly Payments
Treatment Cost
Retainers Cost
ProviderImpression Kit CostTreatment CostMonthly PaymentsRetainers Cost (per set)UK Clinics
Diamond Whites£99£1,300Yes£200London and Pop-up clinics available
PlusDentClinic visits only£1,390Yes£99Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff or London
Straight My Teeth£49£999Yes£99Ashford, Surrey only
WonderSmileClinic visits only£1,399Yes£60Nationwide
Straight Teeth Direct£42£1,350YesFreeLondon only
InvisalignDentist visits only£2,500 to £5,500Depends on your dentist or providerUp to £400 per year ongoing costsNationwide (via a local dentist)
Six Month SmilesDentist visits only£3,500 to £4,500YesDepends on your dentist or providerNationwide (via a local dentist)
DestinationSmile29£1,499Yes£99London, Manchester, Birmingham
SmileLife£7£1,397Yes£200London, Manchester, Dublin
When searching for the best clear aligner provider, we all look for different things. Some people want the cheapest, whilst others want the package that offers the most impressive freebies. Some people want a clinic within easy reach, but others would prefer to avoid a clinic at all costs. Compare clear aligner providers – view every comparison, or check the category that you consider to be the most important factor in your decision. There are aligner providers to suit every person. Our comparisons can help you find your ideal match.


Some aligner companies are more expensive than others. If you’re on a tight budget, your options might be limited to just the most affordable providers. You can refer to provider reviews to learn more about the prices they charge. Some can offer treatment at a very low price, whilst others charge more for a premium service with more supervision and input. When comparing clear aligner affordability, don’t forget to look at the finance options on offer. Sometimes, a more expensive option will end up being more affordable. With finance options you can spread the cost of buying your clear aligners, making monthly payments instead of paying for your treatment up front.

Ease of Use

When comparing ease of use, think about several different factors. Can you visit a clinic for a 3D scan so you don’t have to use a home impression kit? Are instructions clear and does the process seem simple? What happens if you make a mistake? When making your decision, you might also consider when you receive your aligners. Some providers send aligner trays one set at a time, whilst others will send every set at once to save on fortnightly shipping costs. Some people prefer to get all their trays at once, so everything is ready to go. If you’re likely to misplace all your sets of aligners or find it hard to remember when it’s time to switch trays and move on, you might not like this option. Evaluating ease of use is a very individual experience. What helps one customer might hinder another. Some people like a lot of input and regular progress reviews through an app, but others would like to be left alone so they can go through their treatment independently. That’s why it’s important to read provider reviews and get a sense of what they offer.

Availability and Convenience

Generally speaking, the more clinics a provider has, the better their availability. Of course, that only works if they also offer home impression kits. People that can’t get to a physical clinic, or prefer to start their treatment at home, will want an impression kit delivered. Some providers of clear aligners don’t offer home impression kits at all. If you want to get started with one of these providers, you’ll need to attend a consultation. Your consultation involves a 3D scan that’s used to make moulds for your aligners. Some providers have just one or two clinics, which means that their availability is incredibly limited. Others have clinics in cities all over the UK, so it doesn’t matter where you live because you’ll never need to travel too far. If you want guaranteed availability, and treatment you can start anywhere, you’ll need a provider that offers a home impression kit. Some providers don’t have any clinics, so the home kit is the only way, but others have clinics and offer home impression kits as a 3D scan alternative. The providers that are rated highest for availability are ones that have plenty of clinics to visit, but also distribute home impression kits. This means that their teeth straightening treatment is available to absolutely everyone. If a provider only offers one or the other, they have to make sure their coverage is excellent if they want to score highly in this category. If you’re searching for providers with the best availability, you’ll want to check individual reviews and look for clinic locations. It’s no good finding out that a provider has 20 clinics if you don’t know where they are!


What are the results of clear aligner treatment? Comparing effectiveness means finding out how long your treatment will take. Some providers use methods that take a little longer, whilst others work faster to move your teeth into position. Speedy treatment is great, but only if it’s well managed. If you move your teeth too quickly and progress too fast, you risk your teeth slipping back once you stop wearing your aligners. When we compare effectiveness, we consider average treatment times and overall results. Check individual reviews for more information, and always remember that your treatment time will depend on your individual needs. If your teeth only need a small adjustment, your treatment might not take long at all. If your teeth need to be moved a lot, you’ll be wearing aligners for longer.

Options and Extras

Some aligner providers offer a ‘no frills’ service where you’ll pay for any extras. Others include some additional products that enhance your teeth straightening journey. We’ve considered which providers include your first set of retainers in the cost of your treatment. We’ve also looked into those extra free gifts like chewies and teeth whitening products. Alongside this, we’ve looked at the cost of replacing damaged aligners or wasted impression kits. Sometimes, a higher price is worth it for the extras that you’ll get as standard. Other times it’s better to pay separately for extras or decide that you don’t want them at all.


What happens at the end of your treatment? Ideally, everything will go to plan, but there will always be outlying cases. Through human error or natural variation, some people will reach the end of their treatment and find that they’re not happy with their smile. Some providers, at this point, decide that you’re on your own. There’s nothing more they can do for you unless you’re willing to pay more. You could be asked to pay for a whole new treatment package or a smaller amount for extra trays. Other providers offer reassurance in the form of a guarantee, giving you extra sets of aligners until you see the results you expected. When you’re comparing clear aligner providers, check what reassurances they’ll offer. Will they work hard to make sure that you’re happy with your smile, or will they leave a bitter taste at the end? Want to do a more detailed comparison? You'll want to read the reviews of each aligner provider, where we've given you everything you need.

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