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Is Smile White the right provider for you if you want clear aligner treatment for your smile? Learn what makes this company different in our detailed review.

Written by Lewis Grove

With groundbreaking technology and dentist backing, Smile White claims to be the best solution for anyone who wants to straighten their smile. In this review we’ll explore the benefits of Smile White and explore whether they’re a good option for you.

First Glance

Smile White is a company that offers dental aligner treatment via a network of dentists across the UK. They claim to have the best material for their aligners which makes them work faster, whilst also being stain resistant. It’s a big claim but, if true, could help to make them one of the top providers of aligners in the country.


  • Over 300 locations to visit to begin your journey
  • Can treat complex cases
  • Extensive support throughout your journey
  • Affordable interest-free finance


  • You have to visit dentists regularly
  • No option for night-time aligners only
  • Timelines aren’t clear upfront

Who is behind Smile White?

Smile White is the brainchild of the ‘TwinDentists’ Hassan and Hussein, trained cosmetic dentists and qualified doctors who wanted to offer a dental aligner treatment that was the best in market. They work with a wide network of dental practitioners across the UK to offer their treatment so that there’s always a convenient option near you.

The company is one of the most comprehensive of any aligner company. You can tell they’re backed by legit dentists as they also offer more comprehensive cosmetic treatment options, including implants and veneers. The good news for you is that you’ll get the right treatment – you won’t be sold aligners if there’s something else more suitable.

Who can use Smile White?

With other clear aligner treatments, you can usually only fix mild to moderate dental issues like crowded teeth, sticking out teeth, or big gaps between them.

Smile White works similarly, but since it's provided by a well-known dental chain with expert approval, they might handle more difficult cases, possibly combining with other treatments at the same place.

However, there are limits to what aligners can achieve. They can move your teeth but can't alter your jaw's shape or strength. The good news is, you'll get a thorough consultation before starting treatment. This way, you'll understand what to expect and what's possible.

Smile White doesn't specify age limits for treatment, but they likely accept patients once all their adult teeth are through, meaning even 12-year-olds might be eligible. If your problem could sort itself out over time, they'll give you honest advice and suggest follow-up appointments to decide if and when aligner treatment is right for you.

How are Smile White aligners made?

Clear aligners are always made from a type of plastic that sits over your Reeth. The key difference with Smile White is that they use a very specific material called Zendura FLX which the company claims is the best aligners material possible. It’s BPA-free so you know it’s safe to wear, but it also is the most flexible material possible, according to Smile White anyway. This means that it will move your teeth up to 15x faster than other aligners. It also has OdourBlock tech to make sure your aligners never cause bad breath.

Aligners are custom-made to fit your unique smile. First, you'll have a scan of your current smile taken. Then, a plan will be created to gradually shift your teeth using different sets of aligners. Once the treatment plan is agreed upon, the aligners are made in stages. Each set is designed to gently nudge your teeth closer to their new position.

You'll switch to new aligners regularly until your teeth are settled into their new alignment. At this point, it's crucial to wear retainers to prevent them from moving back. Your teeth are accustomed to their old position, so it takes time for them to adjust to their new positions.

What treatment options are available?

There are various clear aligner companies, each offering different treatment options. The main differences lie in how you get your initial scans and how long you wear the aligners.

For the initial scan, some companies offer remote options where you can make impressions of your teeth at home using a kit. Others give you the choice of using either at-home kits or visiting a clinic for a 3D scan.

Smile White doesn't provide at-home options. While this may seem less convenient, it's important to note that 3D scans done in a clinic by trained dentists are more effective at capturing your full smile, often resulting in better outcomes.

Regarding treatment options, some companies offer both all-day aligners (to be worn for about 22 hours daily) and night-time aligners (worn for 10 hours a day).

However, Smile White has a more limited selection, offering only full-day aligners – or at least that’s how it appears. It might be that they’re able to offer night-time aligners if you speak to them, but it would be a bespoke solution and might cost you more.

If you prefer not to wear aligners during the day or have specific reasons why you can't, you may need to explore other options. You may be able to discuss this with the dentist when you visit.

How long does Smile White treatment take?

Smile White claims to have the fastest-working aligners in the market, but it doesn’t actually specify how long your treatment will take. The fact that the company is willing to treat various different cases means that they probably don’t want to make promises they can’t keep – someone with only minor alignment issues might take just a few months, while someone with severe misalignment may take much longer.

Are there any other steps to take?

One reason to consider Smile White Aligners for your clear aligner treatment is because you'll be directly helped and supervised by professional dentists. You're expected to have regular check-ins with your dentist, to monitor your progress and ensure your aligners are doing their job properly.

Smile White doesn’t make clear how often those checkups will be – it might vary depending on the severity of your case. It’s unlikely to be more frequent than every 6-8 weeks, though, so don’t worry about it becoming a huge inconvenience. And the dentist visits are all included in the price you pay, you don’t have to pay extra.

Additionally, all Smile White plans include a Premium Whitening Kit for you to use. Detailed instructions are provided so that by the end of your treatment, you not only have straighter teeth but also a brighter smile.

How much does Smile White treatment cost?

Treatment with Smile White starts from the low cost of £1,695 in total – but it depends on how severe your case is. And that is for single arch treatment only – unusually, Smile White offers this as a standard treatment option.


When you start your treatment with Smile White, you’ll begin with a free online consultation, but then you’ll be sent to a dentist to get your 3D scan treatment. The scan will be included in your payment plan, but if you go through with the scan and then back out, you may be charged for the visit – it’s not clear.


Most aligners companies offer dual arch treatment as standard, with the single arch option being something you’d have to request as standard. It’s just an important note because, when Smile White claim to have one of the cheapest treatment options, that’s only based on mild corrections on either the top or bottom teeth.

Here’s a full breakdown of the costs:

  • Mild corrections, single arch – £1,695
  • Mild corrections, dual arch – £2,195
  • Moderate corrections, single arch – £1,996
  • Moderate corrections, dual arch – £2,695
  • Complex corrections, single arch – £2,795
  • Complex corrections, dual arch – £3,695

So the actual cost of treatment, if you have more severe issues, could be £2,000 more than the lowest advertised price.


As part of your treatment plan, you’ll get two sets of retainers included. These retainers are to be worn once you complete your treatment plan, in order to make sure your teeth don’t move back into their original positions.

The length of time you need to wear them may depend on the severity of your case. You’d be told in consultation with your dentist how long you would need to wear them.

The second included pair of retainers is purely a backup option – they aren’t different, it’s just so you have a set if anything happens to the first set.

Are payment options available?

Payment plans are available for all of the treatment plans with Smile White. They state that they offer interest-free finance options, so you can spread the cost of the treatment without paying extra.

If the advertised prices on the site are for the interest-free plans, then it appears they last 22 months as standard. Or it may be that there are different options available, with interest-free plans only available depending on your credit score – this isn’t clear.

Here’s a look at the costs for each plan when split over the monthly payments:

Plan Total Cost Advertised Monthly Cost
Mild – Single Arch £1,695 £76pm
Mild – Dual Arch £2,195 £99pm
Moderate – Single Arch £1,995 £90pm
Moderate – Dual Arch £2,695 £121pm
Complex – Single Arch £2,795 £126pm
Complex – Dual Arch £3,695 £155pm

Is a warranty or guarantee available?

The website for Smile White does mention a Straight Smile Guarantee, though it doesn’t give details on what that entails. Typically with an aligners company, the guarantee states that if you don’t get the results expected at the start of treatment, you will continue to receive free aligners until the correction is made.

You’ll need to prove that you’ve been wearing your aligners correctly throughout the treatment plan. If you’re with Smile White then you’ll be having regular dental checkups to monitor your progress, so issues can be raised as the treatment is ongoing and they should be rectified as part of your plan.

Where is Smile White treatment available?

Because Smile White treatment requires a dental visit, you need to be able to travel. The company works with only GDC-registered dental practices, and has over 300 locations and over 400 dentists onboard. This is a good number, but may still involve you having to travel – as a guide, there are almost 1,000 towns in the UK with a population over 10,000 people, so on average there is a clinic for every 3 towns.

You can’t use an at-home impressions kit and you’ll need to be able to make regular visits to the dentist every few weeks to have your progress checked. It’s important to use the location checker on the Smile White website before you commit, especially if you don’t drive and would be relying on public transport.

What about customer service?

Customer support for Smile White seems to be one of the big potential positives. There is a lot of support available to anyone on a treatment plan (or anyone interested in signing up), so you are never left to worry if something doesn’t seem to be working.

Firstly, you have those regular check-ups with a licensed dentist. That in-person support will make sure you’re able to discuss any concerns and get accurate feedback on your progress, every few weeks.

But there is also remote support available 365 days a year, with a dedicated support agent assigned to every patient. You’ll always know exactly who to contact, and how, should you have any questions throughout the whole treatment plan.

Smile White: The Verdict


The availability of Smile White could be seen as one of the drawbacks, since you’re obligated to visit a dentist in person, and make several return trips during your treatment plan. This might limit the availability for some people who live in more remote parts of the UK or who are unable to drive.

Despite that, there are several positives to this approach – you will always have professional support, and there is no room for error either in your impressions or in the progress updates. It might rule out Smile White treatment for some people, but for those in easy reach of a dentist who offers the service, it can be more effective than an at-home solution.


The price of Smile White is far from the most expensive option for aligners, but it’s nowhere near the cheapest either. The lowest price of £1,695 only applies to mild cases with a single arch of treatment – it’s possible to get dual-arch treatment for a lower cost with some other providers.

That being said, you have to bear in mind that you’re also getting a free whitening kit included, and two sets of retainers instead of one. Plus, you can spread the cost on an interest-free finance plan – some other aligner providers will only offer finance with interest added.

Ease of Use

The good thing about needing to visit a dentist for your Smile White treatment is that there are no steps that really rely on you. You can’t mess up the impressions, because a dentist will do a 3D scan for you. Then it’s as simple as using your aligners as instructed.


Smile White offers single arch treatment options as standard, which you wouldn’t get with some other aligner providers. But there’s no mention of nighttime-only aligners, meaning you’ll have to wear aligners for 22 hours per day – only removing them to eat. So, on one hand, your options are flexible in terms of the treatment plan to fit your needs, but you also don’t have the option on when to wear aligners, which some other providers do offer.


Smile White offers some of the best reassurance, since you’re asked to attend dentist appointments regularly to get check ups. If anything is going wrong, it’ll be caught quickly and rectified, rather than waiting until the end of your treatment plan. There’s also the guarantee, so you know you won’t pay extra as long as you’re sticking to the treatment plan.

Overall Summary

Smile White is a good option for aligners if you’re nervous about at-home options. Provided you live within easy reach of a dentist on the plan, then it could be a better choice for anyone who wants to make sure they’re getting value for their plan – you know it will work, because a dentist will monitor you in person.

But if you aren’t near a dentist working with Smile White, or if you’re on a tight budget, it’s worth looking at other options. There may be a cheaper solution that offers a fully at-home service, and provided your alignment issues aren’t severe, they could be just as effective.

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Is Smile White the right provider for you if you want clear aligner treatment for your smile? Learn what makes this company different in our detailed review.

Smile White


  • Over 300 locations to visit to begin your journey
  • Can treat complex cases
  • Extensive support throughout your journey
  • Affordable interest-free finance


  • You have to visit dentists regularly
  • No option for night-time aligners only
  • Timelines aren’t clear upfront

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