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SmileLife is an Ireland-based dental aligner provider that is really growing in popularity on both sides of the Irish Sea. Offering fast treatment (with an average of 5 months), helpful clinic-based and remote treatment support and a fantastic aftercare package, it has a lot to offer – and with our voucher code it’s an even better price than normal.

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SmileLife’s treatment is already reasonably priced – they aren’t the cheapest provider of aligners, but they’re nowhere near the most expensive either. Regular treatment for all-day aligners is £1,497 if you pay up front, or £70 per month if you decide to pay on finance through Klarna.

The service is good too – you get regular check-ins that are looked at by a dental professional, making sure your treatment is on the right path – and all you need to do is upload a photo to their app every now and then.

And with SmileCare – SmileLife’s aftercare service – you get all the retainers you need, along with teeth whitening top-ups and toothbrush heads (along with a new toothbrush when you first sign up) for under £200 a year – around the same as you’d pay for retainers with any other provider.

Add in the discounts offered by our SmileLife voucher codes and it really could be one of the best and most affordable options available to you, whether you want to visit a clinic or start your treatment plan at home.

Why use SmileLife voucher codes?

We work closely with SmileLife so that we can explain their service to you. At the same time, our review is impartial – we won’t just talk about what makes them great, but we’ll also compare them to other providers to show where they are better and where other choices might be more suited to you, depending on your circumstances.

In exchange for helping to promote their service, SmileLife then give us some of the best deals available to pass onto you. These deals and voucher codes are always for the full treatment. You won’t get better service by going direct, you’ll get the exact same treatment plan, just with lower costs.

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Think that SmileLife might be just the aligner provider for you? Then there’s no need to go trawling the web to find the best offer. Instead we make sure we do that work for you and bring you all the best SmileLife codes and discounts in one place. We’ll keep it updated to, so if you’re not quite ready to sign up yet, just bookmark this page so that when you are, you get a great deal.

When you’re ready to begin your treatment with SmileLife, make sure you use one of these voucher codes or discount offers. There’s no reason to go direct and spend more than you have to on the same treatment options.

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