VITIS Orthodontic Cleansing Tablets Review

Written by Lewis Grove

If you’re going through teeth straightening treatment, using clear aligners, then you’ll want to keep them looking their best. The same applies to plastic retainers once you’ve finished your treatment.

You can avoid discolouration by properly cleaning your aligners. This doesn’t just keep them clear and stain-free, but also ensures that they’re hygienic. Your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria, and great dental care is essential through any teeth straightening treatment.

There are many different recommended ways to clean aligners and retainers. Some companies recommend liquid soap and water, whilst others suggest brushing with toothpaste. Easy to use, and with sterilising properties, retainer cleaning tablets may be the best choice of all.

You can use retainer cleaning tablets every day, in addition to any other aligner care routine you have in place. These will remove the invisible bacteria, whilst breaking down any stains and marks.

With so many brands of retainer cleaning tablets, how do you know which is right? Could VITIS Orthodontic Effervescent Retainer Cleaning Tablets be the correct choice for you?

Read on for our guide to these effervescent tablets, including what buyers really think.

What are VITIS Orthodontic Effervescent Retainer Cleaning Tablets?

Effervescent cleaning tablets can be used with most removable dental appliances. They reduce staining, odour and bacteria. You should use one cleaning tablet a day, with a box of individually wrapped tablets lasting just over one month.

The VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablet formula includes four key active ingredients. These are Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC), an oral antiseptic for destroying bacteria, Allantoin and Aloe Vera to help keep gums in good condition, and Fluoride to prevent tooth decay.

Before using your retainer cleaning tablets, it is very important to read the full list of ingredients. Always be aware of potential allergens, if these might affect you.

Who makes VITIS tablets?

There are many brands of effervescent retainer cleaning tablets. VITIS is one of these brands. VITIS oral health products have been designed in collaboration with dentists and dental hygienists, with a product range including toothpastes and brushes, mouthwashes, disclosing tablets and dental floss.

The VITIS brand is part of DENTAID. This company develops products in its DENTAID Research Centre, for a total of 8 different brands.

With more than 40 years of experience in providing dental health products, DENTAID also provides training for dental professionals.

How are VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets sold?

VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets are sold in boxes of 32. Inside, every tablet is sealed individually for quality, freshness and hygiene.

How do you use VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets?

Use one tablet, daily.

Put your aligners or retainers into a container that allows them to be completely submerged. Use warm water to submerge your dental appliance, then add your VITIS cleaning tablet.

Leave everything alone for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, rinse your appliance thoroughly before you put it back into your mouth.

It is important not to use hot water. If the water is too hot, it may slightly melt your retainers or clear aligners. If the plastic becomes soft, it may become warped or misshapen.

Can you leave VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets too long?

Though the instructions say that you should remove your aligners or retainers after just 15 minutes, you shouldn’t worry if you leave yours in a little longer. In fact, the manufacturer does suggest that these tablets can be used overnight. Leaving plastic retainers submerged for 12 hours is completely safe, and the same applies to removable braces that don’t have metal components.

Remember that you should be wearing your retainers or aligners overnight. It isn’t a good idea to use this time to clean them, as this will decrease the effectiveness of your treatment.

If your dental appliance has metal components, leaving them submerged under water for too long may lead to rusting and damage. This isn’t the case for plastic products like clear aligners and retainers.

The best time to clean your aligners may be during a meal. They need to be removed for eating, and your meal should take roughly 15 minutes which will give the tablets time to do their job.

Can you use a sonic cleaner with VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets?

A sonic cleaner is an optional extra for cleaning aligners and retainers. This is a small vibrating case that shakes your aligner or retainer and the liquid it’s submerged in. Using a sonic cleaner may improve the quality of aligner cleaning, by increasing coverage and breaking up plaque and bacteria.

Using a sonic cleaner may improve the quality of aligner cleaning

You can use VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets with your existing sonic cleaner, though you don’t actually need one. If you don’t have a sonic cleaner, you can use a glass, mug or even a Tupperware container.

Can I use a VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablet every day?

If you’re using VITIS tablets, you should use them daily to maintain this standard of cleanliness.

It may be easiest to clean your aligners at the same time every day.

Aligners after having been cleaned with a Vitis Orthodontic tablet

You’ll need to remove your aligners for meals, and should also clean your teeth and your aligners before you reinsert them after eating. Between each use of a VITIS tablet, you might just like to rinse your aligners or clean them with liquid soap or toothpaste.

A VITIS tablet should not take the place of your other cleaning products. If your provider recommends using toothpaste or soap, this should still be used at other times.

Are VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets very well reviewed?

Most reviews of VITIS Orthodontic Effervescent Retainer Cleaning Tablets are positive. Some people, however, complain of ‘yellow and blue stains’ or that the tablets left their clear aligners looking ‘cloudy and worse for wear’. The blue staining is more likely if you leave your aligners for more than 15 minutes.

Despite some negative comments, there are many who say that they’re very happy with VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets. In fact, positive comments far outweigh the negative experiences.

In fact, positive comments far outweigh the negative experiences.

Frequent feedback is that, despite not having a fresh minty scent like other brands, the VITIS Cleaning Tablets make appliances noticeably cleaner. Be aware that these don’t seem to fizz like many other retainer cleaning tablets, but that this doesn’t mean they’re not working.

VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets are slightly cheaper than some other brands, though overall reviews suggest that they’re no less effective. Personal preferences will come into play, with some of the other leading brands having a mint scent that some people prefer.

Many people use VITIS Cleaning Tablets for things other than aligners and retainers. Their sterilising properties are also ideal for toothbrush heads. With toothbrushes usually stored in the bathroom, close to the toilet, it’s very important to clean them and keep them germ-free. Most people don’t think about the germs on their toothbrush, but bear in mind that these can collect food and any cough and cold germs that you might carry.

Do VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets expire?

VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets have a very long expiration date. Whilst they’ll expire eventually, you can keep them in your bathroom cabinet for a very long time.

Tablets don’t become dangerous once they’ve expired, but are likely to be less effective and won’t clean your aligners as well.

Do VITIS Cleaning Tablets work with metal braces?

VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets are suitable for braces with metal components. Some other retainer cleaning tablets aren’t suitable for use with wire retainers, but VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets have been designed with these in mind.

To protect any wires or metal components, it is especially important to use the tablets for the recommended 15 minutes. Leaving them for longer may lead to mild corrosion.

Are VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets safe to use?

As long as you follow the instructions, and are not allergic to any of the ingredients, it is safe to use VITIS Cleaning Tablets for your aligner or retainer.

After you’ve submerged your dental appliances for cleaning, it is very important to rinse them thoroughly before you use them again. This will wash any chemicals away, as well as prolonging the life of your aligners or retainers.

In the unlikely event that you experience side effects, discontinue use straight away.

Is there a website for VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets?

You can visit the VITIS Oral Health website to find out more about VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets.

The VITIS website also tells you about their other oral care products. Through the VITIS Oral Health website, there are links to buy Retainer Cleaning Tablets for consumer use or wholesale.

As most people don’t need to buy in bulk for wholesale purchase, you do not need to purchase VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets directly.

VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets: Where to Buy

The easiest way to purchase VITIS Orthodontic Effervescent Retainer Cleaning Tablets is to buy them online. You can buy them from Amazon and other online retailers.

You can also buy VITIS Orthodontic Effervescent Retainer Cleaning Tablets online from Dent-o-Care, a partner of VITIS, and in-store or online from Boots or Lloyds Pharmacy.

This product can also be purchased from many other smaller online shops, but isn’t typically available in larger supermarkets like Tesco, Asda or Sainsbury’s.

It is important to buy dental care products from a reputable source. Be aware of which company you’re buying from, and check to make sure that it’s a genuine product before you use it on your dental appliances. Though it’s unlikely that anyone would create a counterfeit, it is very important to know the source of your retainer cleaning tablets.

How much do VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets cost?

If you’d like to buy VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets, you can expect to pay around £6-8 including delivery. This is for a pack of 32 tablets that will last for just over a month.

High street retailers like Lloyds Pharmacy and Boots charge around £6.50.

These prices are slightly lower than some other brands of retainer cleaning tablets. They’re also more easily accessible, being available in shops that you might have in your town.

Pack sizePrice*
VITIS Orthodontic Effervescent Retainer Cleaning Tablets - 32Between £6.72 - £6.99
VITIS Orthodontic Effervescent Retainer Cleaning Tablets - 32 (Pack of 2)Between £11.59 - £11.60

*Prices above taken from in April 2020

If you try to buy these Retainer Cleaning Tablets direct from the VITIS website, you’ll be directed to Dent-o-Care which is a VITIS partner. The prices here are slightly lower, but you will have to pay for delivery. This may only work out better value if you’re spending a lot on a range of dental care products or are planning to bulk buy retainer cleaning tablets to see you through the whole of your treatment.

What about a VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablet alternative?

There are several other brands of retainer cleaning tablets that are alternatives to VITIS Cleaning Tablets. Some of these will be more expensive, whilst others will be cheaper. Some are only available online and others can be bought from physical stores.

Denture cleaning tablets are roughly the same as VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets. These are usually sold in plastic tubes, and are available at most pharmacies and on supermarket shelves.

If you’re searching for VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablet alternatives, use phrases such as retainer cleaners, aligner cleaners and denture cleaners to find a range of similar products.

Two of the most well-known alternatives are Retainer Brite and Steradent. Retainer Brite is marketed as a retainer cleaning tablet and is sold in a box, whilst Steradent is sold in a plastic tube and is a denture cleaner you might find in your local store. Both of these products are similar to VITIS Retainer Cleaning Tablets, which means that you can expect similar results.

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