Solimo Electric Toothbrush Review

Written by Chris Pearson GDP Registered Dentist

A low-cost electric toothbrush, the Solimo is made by Amazon. It’s a basic toothbrush, lacking in features, but comes with an effective oscillating head.

Could this be the best electric toothbrush for you?

First Glance

Don’t expect a lot of features with this toothbrush. The Solimo brush is basic, but comes at a low price and is sold with two brush heads. Though it isn’t fancy, this simple-looking toothbrush has many good reasons to buy.


  • Compatible with Oral-B toothbrush heads
  • Oscillating brush heads for effective cleaning
  • Simple rechargeable battery


  • Minimal features
  • Looks as cheap as it is
  • Not the strongest vibration for clearing plaque

About the brand

Solimo is an Amazon brand. Amazon has several own brands that it uses to sell its own products. This is like going to your local supermarket and buying one of their own brand products. The Solimo brand is used for personal care products, but also for some other products like coffee and pet food.


Solimo is a budget brand. The items are fairly basic and the costs are relatively low, but overall you can expect quality without impressive features.

Amazon has been selling products under its own brand names since 2005. AmazonBasics was the original name used for all of Amazon’s own brand budget products, though Solimo was later added to make many items sound more premium. Many other brand names have been added since, though Amazon listings typically tell you when something is an Amazon brand.

What’s in the box?

The Solimo comes in really basic packaging, with a spare brush head and a 2-pin shaving plug – and that's it. If you need a converter for a 3-pin socket, or a travel case, you'll need to buy them separately.

Replacement toothbrush heads are available under the Solimo brand name. You should replace your toothbrush head roughly every three months. A pack of four Solimo brush heads will cost around £15. The Solimo brush is also fully compatible with Oral-B oscillating toothbrush heads, so you can use the Oral-B heads if you prefer. In most cases, Oral-B brush heads are actually a little bit cheaper – you can expect to pay around £12 for four.

Look and Feel

The Solimo toothbrush looks as cheap as it is. Don’t expect a smooth, modern and stylish looking toothbrush in your bathroom. The Solimo is a fairly small brush, made using flimsy-looking brightly-coloured plastic, and is fairly thick and bulky. Despite this, it is easy to hold and suitable for the whole family. Children over the age of four are able to successfully use the Solimo brush.

The Solimo brush has good grip and is very easy to clean.


The Solimo toothbrush features an oscillating head. This rounded head is very effective for cleaning every part of the tooth. Oscillating heads are a lot more effective than sonic side-to-side sweeping, and the Solimo can be used with its own brand toothbrush heads or with heads from Oral-B. This means that even if you have quality concerns, you can be sure that the toothbrush head you’re using is one that meets top-brand standards.

Don’t expect any features to make your brushing experience more interesting. This brush switches on and off but has nothing else to set it apart. Unlike most other electric toothbrushes, you won’t get a two-minute timer. To make sure that you’re brushing for long enough, you will need to keep watching the clock. You won’t get a pressure sensor or any reminders about when to replace your toothbrush head.

The Solimo toothbrush may be simple, but it will clean your teeth very well. It’s well-powered and effective, doing a good job without all the extra bells and whistles.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, you're unlikely to be impressed by the Solimo. It's OK – it'll likely last for around two weeks before you notice a dip in performance, but then that'll very quickly mean it'll run out of power altogether.

So, you're going to need to recharge it regularly. You should charge it for 16 hours when you first use it, and it'll likely take a similar amount of time to recharge it if you completely drain the battery. This means that leaving it overnight is unlikely to be enough, and you may need to charge it between uses to get it back to fully topped up.


The Solimo electric toothbrush is one of the cheapest available. You’d struggle to find another electric toothbrush for much less. For £15 you get two brush heads as well as the charger and the main unit.

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Toothbrush heads, when they need to be replaced, aren’t particularly expensive. Just remember to look carefully, as it’s often the case that Oral-B heads are cheaper than Solimo replacements. If you went straight for Solimo toothbrush heads, assuming that Amazon’s own brand would be cheaper, there’s a good chance you’d pay a bit more than you needed to. Solimo toothbrush heads are around £15 for four, whilst Oral-B heads cost roughly £12. You could also look at Oral-B compatible toothbrush heads, as a third option for replacing yours when they’re getting old.

Using the Solimo with clear aligners

The Solimo doesn't just have its uses for teeth – if you're using clear aligners to help straighten your smile, then the Solimo is a good option to have when you want to keep them fresh and clean. You should clean your aligners daily to keep them at their best – otherwise, they could start to change colour, and worse, they could end up damaging your teeth by trapping bacteria and acid against them.

Your aligner provider will give instructions on how best to clean the aligners, so make sure you follow their guidance. Some will recommend that you only use the toothbrush and warm water, whereas other providers will suggest a small amount of toothpaste. It's important that you don't brush too hard – just apply very light pressure, or you could damage the aligners and stop them from fitting your mouth correctly.

Be careful, because not all aligners are suitable to be cleaned with an electric toothbrush. Some are made from a softer plastic, which will be damaged even with lighter brushing. Again, check the instructions from the aligner provider.

Final Verdict

If you simply want a basic toothbrush that’s effective and does a good job, then you’re unlikely to find a better brush than the Solimo electric toothbrush. It’s fully compatible with Oral-B toothbrush heads so you can benefit from branded quality.

The Solimo lacks in features. It doesn’t have timers, pressure sensors, Bluetooth connectivity or several different brushing modes. It’s a simple toothbrush but comes at a very low price. For just £15 you’ll get the brush with two brush heads, and the 2-pin shaver charger.

It’s clear from the lack of features, and the look of the toothbrush, that the Solimo doesn’t cost a lot of money. This isn’t a brush that’s visually appealing, and it isn’t a brush that does much. But, what it does, it does well. It’s surprisingly effective for dental hygiene, and isn’t that all a toothbrush really needs to be?

If you’re comfortable skipping extra features and want a toothbrush that does the job well and has a decent battery lifespan, don’t skip over the Solimo brush just because it’s Amazon’s own brand.

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Solimo Electric Toothbrush FAQs

What is Amazon’s Solimo brand?

Amazon sells many of its products under the AmazonBasics brand. These own-brand products are priced to undercut Amazon’s better-known competitors. After creating AmazonBasics, Amazon went on to develop other brands with names that sounded less cheap. Solimo is one of Amazon’s own brands, and is a name attached to personal care and grooming products as well as many other different items. You’re getting an Amazon budget product, under a different name.

How do you replace the Solimo toothbrush batteries?

The Solimo toothbrush battery can’t be replaced. It used to be that the Solimo worked with 2 X AA batteries, but that model was discontinued in 2020 and now only the version with the rechargeable interior battery is available.

What colours is the Solimo brush available in?

The Solimo brush is only available in bright blue or bright pink, but availability can vary. You may need to keep checking back to find the colour you want.

What brush heads can be used with the Solimo?

The Solimo toothbrush uses oscillating brush heads. You can buy Solimo branded brush heads, though these are surprisingly more expensive than Oral-B toothbrush heads. Oral-B heads are completely compatible, so you might use these instead.

The Solimo brush will also accept most Oral-B compatible brush heads. These are usually the cheapest option, as they’re intended to be more affordable than buying Oral-B branded toothbrush heads.