Snow Teeth Whitening Review

Written by Chris Pearson GDP Registered Dentist

Snow is a renowned teeth whitening product that helps customers to get a whiter smile, without the expensive dentist visits.

Based in the US, they’ve helped over 500,000 people to improve the whiteness of their teeth, with a 99% satisfaction rating (according to their own website, anyway). But is Snow really worth it as a way to whiten your teeth?

First Glance


  • Many happy customers on social media
  • Save money compared to dentist whitening
  • Convenient, at-home treatment


  • Slow delivery times if ordered directly from the US
  • Limited availability with other retailers
  • US-based customer service – difficult to speak to

What is Snow?

Snow is a whitening product you can use on your teeth at home. Whether you’re trying to undo years of coffee and red wine stains, or you’re a smoker, you’re likely to have teeth that aren’t quite as white as they once were. Sometimes it may be something genetic that means your teeth yellow faster than average. Whatever your circumstances, Snow could help you achieve a whiter smile.

They do this with a range of options to suit different budgets, each promising fantastic results. They claim you’ll get the same sort of whitening you would get if you went private with your dentist, but without the huge expense or having to visit their clinic.

Snow products are designed to work on sensitive teeth too. Whitening isn’t always suitable for people with sensitive teeth, so Snow could be an option if you’re worried about pain or damage. Typically, you’ll need to use Snow for around a month to see the full results, but you should start to see a difference after a few days.

How is Snow sold?

Snow is based in the US, and they don’t have a base in the UK. So if you want to order a Snow whitening kit, you can order direct from the Snow website, but you’ll have to wait a while for delivery – the products will be sent to you internationally. You’ll also have to pay extra delivery costs, which will vary depending on your location.

The alternative is to order a kit from another retailer, such as Amazon. You’re still likely to face a wait for delivery, but it may not be as long. The only issue here is that availability is limited – there isn’t a retailer stocking Snow by volume, so you might find that it’s out of stock.

It’s recommended that you buy a whitening kit, rather than just a wand, because that way you’ll get the most complete treatment and it’ll come with everything you need. This will include the wands and an LED mouthpiece that you use to speed up treatment. There are wired and wireless options available, and both are powered by USB, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility – you’ll just need to add your own USB 3-pin plug to either power the wired one or charge up the wireless option.

A whitening kit contains around 75 uses, so it’ll last you between 1-2 months, as you can choose to whitening either once or twice a day. You shouldn’t need to continue using Snow beyond this, but you may need to redo your treatment the following year. Snow products don’t expire so you can stock up if you want to save on delivery costs.

How do you use Snow?

Snow pitches itself as a really easy product to use, and we have to agree – it’s definitely something you can do yourself at home without any problems.

The first thing you should do is brush your teeth. Snow works best when there’s no dirt or plaque obstructing it. After that, it’s time to apply the whitening gel to your teeth. Take a whitening wand and twist it to release the gel. Use the brush tip to then paint the gel on your teeth. Take your time, as you want to get all of your teeth covered without painting it onto your gums. A little bit on the gums should be ok but too much might hurt.

Then, put the mouthguard into your mouth and switch it on. Sit and wait for 30 minutes while the LEDs help to activate the bleaching agent in the gel. If half an hour is too long, you can do it for shorter sessions, more frequently.

After the time’s up, you just need to give your mouth a rinse and wash off the mouthpiece too in warm water. Snow claims you can then get back to normal life, even if that includes drinking coffee or sugary drinks, since the gel won’t be washed off by them. When you aren’t using the whitening wands, keep them chilled, ideally in the fridge. That keeps them at their best without letting the gel get too soft, which can cause it to run and not be concentrated enough. You can use Snow for up to 30 minutes a day without worrying about damaging your teeth.

Can you leave Snow too long?

You can leave Snow for too long – make sure you don’t whiten for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Yes – if you leave Snow on your teeth for more than 30 minutes then you could end up damaging your teeth and gums. You might not notice it after once use, but it’s safest to stick to the limits. Also, you can hurt your jaw if you continue to use the mouthpiece for more than the recommended time.

It might be tempting to use the mouthpiece for longer than 30 minutes if you want to see results faster, but it’s always better to follow the instructions and be patient, otherwise you could end up causing problems that your dentist will have to deal with for you.

Can I use Snow every day?

You can use Snow every day initially, but it’s important not to carry on for too long. Snow recommends that you don’t use its products for more than 30 consecutive days, otherwise you could start to damage the enamel on your teeth. You don’t need to stop for too long, so if you’re still not happy with the results, you can start again after you’ve given your teeth a few days to recover.

You should also stop if you start to feel sensitivity in your teeth. Give your teeth a break for around 3 days, and then try again. If it continues to hurt, speak to your dentist.

Is Snow effective?

Snow isn’t a miracle product, and won’t be able to eradicate every stain on your teeth and give you the whitest smile. But it is definitely effective, particularly for anyone who has noticeable stains on their teeth.

You shouldn’t expect Snow to be able to remove extremely mild marks, so if your teeth are already pretty good then you should talk to your dentist to see what can be done. But, if you’ve got teeth that have darker stains, Snow can undo a lot of them and show a serious difference. Customer reviews online tend to average around the 4/5 mark, which should give you an indication that generally the products do work.

Is Snow the best whitening treatment available?

In the UK, there aren’t many effective at-home whitening treatments you can buy. Compared to some other countries, the restrictions on products are often tighter, which means your options are limited. So when comparing products to be used at home, Snow is probably one of the best whitening treatments available – certainly better than whitening toothpastes and charcoals.

However, you’re unlikely to get as definitive a result as if you went to the dentist. While whitening isn’t an NHS treatment, most dentists offer the service privately. It’ll cost more, and take up more of your time (as whitening isn’t a one-off treatment) but for the more severe cases, a dentist might be able to give you better results.

Does Snow expire?

Snow products don’t expire, which means it’s a good idea to stock up when you order, especially as delivery times and costs can be quite high. Even if you want to wait more than a year, you can then pick up your whitening wand and start treatment again.

The only issue is that they need to be kept chilled to make sure they’re protected and work as well as intended. If you’re happy having whitening wands kept in the back of the fridge then there’s no reason not to order in bulk.

Is Snow safe?

From everything we’ve looked at, Snow looks to be perfectly safe to use. You just need to make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter, and don’t try to speed things up yourself.

Snow’s gel doesn’t contain the same intensive bleaching products that many (banned in the UK) products do. Instead, it’s a much gentler solution and is generally recommended for people even with sensitive teeth to use.

You can use Snow if you’re breastfeeding, as even if you ingest a small amount of gel it won’t harm your baby. Even children who have their adult teeth can use it, although you should speak to your dentist before whitening teeth of your kids.

The gel isn’t designed to be safe for your gums but a small amount is fine. Just make sure you’re careful when you apply it, and try to wipe it clean if you do accidentally miss.

How much does Snow cost?

The normal, wired whitening kit normally costs £155 from the Snow website, but you’ll usually find it’sm on sale for less than that, often around the £116 mark. This includes the LED mouthpiece and four wands, which should last you for 75 uses, which is just enough for over a month if you whiten twice a day.

The wireless kit is more expensive, with a regular price of £310. Again though, the Snow website usually has this on sale for £233, so don’t pay extra if you don’t have to. The wireless kit is more advanced and its waterproof too, so you can use it while you’re having a shower. It also includes a travel pack, if you want to keep using it while you’re on-the-go.

Are finance options available with Snow?

If you’re ordering from the UK, you won’t be able to apply for finance. It’s available to US customers, but not for customers in the UK.

What is the Snow 5-year warranty?

Snow offers a warranty for 5 years on your wired or wireless mouthpiece. This means that it’ll be replaced free of charge if your original stops working any time within the first 5 years of you using it.

You just need to make sure that you register your mouthpiece on the Snow website. It’s super-easy to do, just head to the site and enter your order number and the purchase date. If you don’t register it then your warranty won’t be active and you won’t be able to claim on it.

What other products does Snow offer?

Snow doesn’t just sell whitening kits, but they have a wide range of products you can order. You can buy a refill wand for £23, or get a bundle of four wands for an RRP of £117. Often, as with the kits, you can get this on sale for just £59, which is a huge saving against buying four separate wands.

A desensitizing serum is available if you already have very sensitive teeth and you’re concerned that Snow might cause you pain. You can also get some activated charcoal floss, which can help to clean and whiten the parts of your teeth that gel might not clearly cover.

Snow also has lip exfoliators to buy. You can use this to give you fuller lips, and protect them from damage in the sun too. If you want to really transform your smile, you can combine the whitening kit and the exfoliator for the total package.

What about a Snow alternative?

There are a number of products you can use to whiten your teeth at home in the UK, although reviews are mixed. There are tough laws on selling products containing high amounts of bleaching agent, which means you won’t be able to buy really effective whitening products to use at home.

The best alternative in the UK is to visit your dentist. They’ll be able to offer you a teeth whitening service that will be more expensive but will be very effective. You must make sure they are a licensed dentist – it’s illegal for beauty therapists to offer teeth whitening.

Most supermarkets will stock a wide range of whitening toothpastes, but these aren’t very effective against tough stains.

Snow: The Verdict

Snow whitening kits do offer customers a potentially effective way to whiten their teeth without having to pay the heavy private prices with a dentist. However, long delivery times might mean it’s not as convenient for you as you’d hope. Also, if anything goes wrong, you’ll need to speak to Snow customer support in the US. You can email them, but you’re then waiting on a reply. Calling them will be costly and probably an inconvenient time for you.

If you’re serious about whitening at home, give Snow a try and you will likely be very happy with the results.

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Snow FAQs

What is Snow Teeth Whitening?

Snow is a home teeth whitening kit. You’ll get everything you need to carry out treatment without the need to visit a dentist.

An application pen contains the teeth whitening product that you’ll add to your teeth after brushing. You then accelerate the treatment with a UV mouthpiece that plugs straight into your phone. Snow’s UV mouthpiece is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Within your kit you’ll find teeth whitening pens, as well as an extra strength pen for a more intense treatment. You’ll also get a shade guide, so you can see the results of your teeth whitening efforts.

You can use the 3D images to decide if you’d like to go ahead. At the same time, you’ll be provided with consent and agreement forms that you can sign as soon as you’re happy to.

Does Snow Teeth Whitening work?

Some customers report that Snow teeth whitening products work quickly and effectively. Teeth may be up to four shades brighter after a couple of treatments. Other people find that Snow simply doesn’t work well on their teeth and that the difference is much more subtle or takes a lot longer to achieve.

Your teeth are unique, so the results for one person will not be the same as the results for another. To avoid disappointment, expect slightly different teeth that are just a bit whiter. If you’re then one of the lucky ones, you can enjoy a much whiter smile after treatment.

Some providers of clear dental aligners will guarantee their predicted results. If you’re not happy at the end of your treatment, they’ll provide extra trays free of charge. Straight My Teeth won’t guarantee results, so extra trays, until you’re happy with your smile, will come at an extra cost. For a limited number of refinement aligners, you’ll pay an extra £150.

How long does Snow Teeth Whitening take to work?

After you’ve applied Snow’s teeth whitening product to your teeth, you should insert the mouthpiece and make sure it’s switched on. Snow recommends that you wait between 10 and 30 minutes before removing the mouthpiece, but you’ll really want to wait for the full 30 minutes to make the most of your product.

You can move around whilst wearing the mouthpiece, as it’s connected to your smartphone. Use this time to do other things, like reading a book or watching TV whilst you wait.

Snow recommends that you treat your teeth up to twice a day, with a recommended treatment course of 21 days.

How much is Snow Teeth Whitening?

Available on Amazon, Snow Teeth Whitening costs £170. This is a premium price for a premium product. Other teeth whitening kits are available at much lower prices, though with Snow you know you’re getting a trusted brand that’s as safe as home treatments can be.
Many people who’ve tried multiple treatments say that Snow’s worth the extra money. You’re more likely to see results than with a cheap teeth whitening kit.

You can refer as many friends as you’d like, so if you’re happy with your Straight My Teeth treatment and you’ve got enough friends that want to try it, you could earn back everything that you spent on your clear aligners.

How long does Snow Teeth Whitening last?

You could have whiter teeth for as little as a month, if you continue the habits that led to your teeth being stained in the first place. If you don’t eat foods that stain your teeth, you should expect results to last up to a year. Some people may find that their teeth look whiter for longer.

You can top up at any time. Some people do a top-up treatment once a fortnight, but others will just go through the whole treatment process roughly once every year with a new kit.

You’re likely to find that your teeth become slowly more stained over time. You can continue to use the shade guide to keep an eye on any changes, so that you can decide when you’d like to use Snow products again.

Is Snow Teeth Whitening safe?

Snow Teeth Whitening products are made within FDA limits. They don’t contain harmful chemicals, which means that they’re safe to use and won’t do any damage.

Snow’s bleaching serum doesn’t damage tooth enamel, and the lights are LED and are safe to use on your teeth. Snow Teeth Whitening is a reputable product, though you pay a high price for this assurance. Other teeth whitening products may be cheaper, but may not come with an assurance of safety.

Who owns Snow Teeth Whitening?

Snow is a trademark of Foresold LLC. This is the company behind Snow Teeth Whitening kits. The trademark registration for Snow products was filed in 2018.

Foresold was created by Joshua Elizetxe. It operates as a digital marketing agency, focusing on the creation and marketing of consumer brands like Snow. Snow has become a successful well-known brand in part because it’s an appealing product, but in part because of the dedicated marketing team behind it.

Where is Snow Teeth Whitening made?

Snow Teeth Whitening is designed and made in California. This is an American product that ships worldwide, so you can buy Snow online if you’re in the UK.

Stocks of Snow products are kept in UK locations, so you don’t need to wait for items to be shipped from the US. Instead, you can order Snow online and start your teeth whitening treatment in as little as three days.

Does Snow Teeth Whitening cause sensitivity?

Snow’s teeth whitening kits should not cause sensitivity. Instances of increased sensitivity are extremely rare, with a vast majority of Snow’s users being able to use the extra strength treatment with no problems.

If you notice that your teeth feel more sensitive after you’ve been using Snow products, the official advice is to take a break for up to three days before you try again. This should give enough time for your teeth and gums to recover. If you experience sensitivity a second time, it’s best not to continue Snow treatment.

Can you use Snow Teeth Whitening with braces?

Snow is safe to use, even with permanent braces. It can also be used if you wear clear aligners and want whiter teeth to show through them. In addition, Snow can be used with veneers and crowns.

Snow teeth whitening products will not harm or degrade any wire braces, and won’t do any damage to your existing dental fillings. This means that you can use Snow whilst you’re going through other types of dental treatment. Many people like to use Snow with their clear aligners, since their teeth can still be seen through, and may also use Snow teeth whitening products to get a whiter smile at the end of dental realignment treatment.