Girl with straight teeth smiling on camera

How to Look Good on Zoom with Clear Aligners

Clear aligners could make you even more successful

Even before 2020, the world of online video calling was growing. Improved broadband speeds and a greater connectivity across the globe, combined with more flexible working practices, meant that more and more people were holding meetings on the internet rather than in person.

And then COVID-19 struck, and online conferencing, and in particular Zoom, took off completely.

So, now that we’re in the ‘new normal’, it’s more important than ever to look good when you’re on a Zoom call. Whether you’re impressing a potential new boss, or charming a client, or even dating online, you need to make sure you look your best. And one great way to do that is through clear aligners.

How can clear aligners help you look good on Zoom?

There are certain key indicators that help a person make an initial judgement about you. These are your eyes, your smile and your dress code – in particular, your shoes. People will make snap decisions on how to treat you based on these three factors.

Over Zoom, dress code matters less, and so your eyes and smile matter more. And while your eyes are your eyes and you’re sort of stuck with how they look, there are ways to enhance that smile – and clear aligner treatment is one of the best.

Clear aligners from a provider such as SmileDirectClub can correct the position of your teeth, straightening your smile in just a few months. If your smile is misaligned, then you’ll be amazed at the difference that clear aligners can provide, and how much better you’ll look on those Zoom meetings.

Not only that, but they won’t impact your look while you’re undergoing treatment too. Instead of traditional wired braces that would be clearly visible even on a lower resolution video call, clear aligners are almost completely transparent and imperceptible when you’re talking to someone in person – never mind a Zoom call. The people you’re talking to will have no clue you’re wearing aligners, all while your smile is getting an upgrade.

How do you get started with clear aligner treatment?

There are two ways to begin treatment with clear aligners. The first is to visit a dedicated clinic for an aligner provider, where they’ll take a 3D scan of your teeth before judging how successful treatment could be for you. If aligners look like a suitable option, you’ll then get your own sets custom-made based on the scan.

Other providers work remotely, sending you an impression kit to use at home. You’ll make your own impressions and send these off to be analyzed, before your aligner sets are shipped to you.

Some manufacturer providers only offer one of these options. Others, like SmileDirectClub, give you the option of visiting a Smile Shop or using a home impression kit. It’s down to your preference on which provider to use – check out our reviews to learn more.

Teeth whitening treatments

As well as straightening your teeth, you can also whiten them. By improving the shade of your teeth from that dull, stained look to a brighter white, your smile will be bolder and much more attractive. There are various options available to whiten your teeth, which you can read about in our ultimate guide. Often, the most convenient way is to use a whitening service from your clear aligner provider – that way, you can straighten and whiten your smile at the same time.

There’s no doubt that a whiter, straighter smile means you’ll look the part on every Zoom call you make. As the world continues to adjust to changing work and social norms, and Zoom calls become a part of everyday life, invest in your smile with clear aligners and teeth whitening to ensure you always look your best.