Woman with clear aligner in her hand

Is Teeth Straightening Worth It?

Everyone wants straight teeth but are they worth the effort, cost and time?

Straighter teeth aren’t cheap. With treatments for misaligned teeth ranging from around $1,500 to $10,000, getting braces or clear aligners won’t be a decision you take lightly. You might need to commit to wearing clear aligners or braces for several months or years.

We’d all love a straighter smile, but will the time, effort and cost be worth the results?

Why get your teeth straightened?

Many people choose to get their teeth straightened just for cosmetic reasons. A straight smile, with teeth that look their best, can boost your confidence and build self-esteem. Straight teeth improve your image, which is why many people need no other reason to invest in teeth straightening treatment.

Your teeth aren’t just for show. They’re very important tools, and if they’re not completely straight you might notice other problems. Common dental problems include overbites, underbites, overcrowding, gaps, or teeth that face the wrong way. In some cases, these can cause pain and might affect your speech.

Misaligned teeth might also impact your ability to eat certain foods. Food should be bitten and cut with your front teeth, then moved back into your mouth to be chewed. If your teeth aren’t aligned, the gaps at the front might be too large to bite into thinner foods, like fries or pizza, the way your mouth is designed to. If you notice that you need to bite your food with side teeth, better dental alignment could help.

Other problems caused by misaligned teeth include jaw clicking and headaches. Improving your smile can do so much more than just making a difference cosmetically.

How long is treatment going to take?

The length of treatment will depend on the problems that need to be solved. If your teeth need to be moved a lot, you’ll be wearing your braces or clear aligners for longer. Some people will only need to go through treatment for 4-6 months, though others could be wearing braces for more than two years.

Treatment is a big commitment, but likely to be worth it if you’re unhappy with your current smile.

Will treatment really make a big difference?

You might be wondering if the time and effort will be reflected in the results. Most providers of clear aligners will help you to look into the future. Once impressions have been taken, you’ll receive a treatment plan that includes your expected results. Thanks to impressive 3D technology, you can see a computer-generated image of your final dental alignment.

Some providers offer extra reassurance, to help you commit with confidence. They might agree to continue your treatment at no extra cost if the results don’t match up to their predictions.

What about the cost of teeth straightening?

Teeth straightening costs can be spread over several months, if you don’t want to pay all at once. If you’re worried that teeth straightening might not be worth it, spreading the cost will lighten the load and could make your decision easier.

Set up a payment plan for your braces or clear aligners. In most cases you’ll pay a deposit up front, then make small monthly payments until the cost of your treatment has been covered. Usually treatment starts once the deposit is received, so you don’t need to wait until you’ve paid in full to start getting the straighter teeth you dream of.

Though dental alignment can seem expensive, at somewhere between $1,500 and $10,000 for most patients, it’s important to remember that these costs represent a cosmetic and medical treatment. You’re paying that money for a better smile, fewer speech problems, easier eating and potentially reduced pain, as well.

Will the results really last?

It’s pointless paying for teeth straightening treatment if the results won’t last. That’s why it’s best to wear a set of retainers once your treatment is complete. Retainers are usually worn every night, and the best way to secure your new smile is to use them for the rest of your life.

Retainers are an ongoing cost, and most people need to pay for two new sets every year, but that’s a small price to pay for a straighter smile that sticks around.

If you’re not going to look after your new smile, or won’t remember to keep wearing your retainers once you’ve finished your treatment, then the cost and effort of teeth straightening will not be worth it for you.

So, is teeth straightening worth it?

To decide if teeth straightening is worth it, you’ll want to weigh up the pros and cons of teeth straightening.

Nobody should feel unhappy with their smile. The best thing you can do is improve your self-esteem and be happy with your current teeth alignment, but if you want an extra boost then you can get help from an orthodontist. Traditional braces or clear aligners can do great things for your self-confidence, and some would say that self-confidence alone is worth more than $10,000.

Dental aligner treatment isn’t cheap, but it also doesn’t need to break the bank. If yours isn’t the worst possible case, the price shouldn’t rise too high. If aligners or braces are out of reach financially, you could set up a long-term payment plan. Most people can find some way to get the money together if they need to.

Having to wear braces or aligners might be frustrating, and your dental hygiene will be very important. You’ll need to be able to clean around your braces, or remember to brush whenever you eat and before you reinsert your aligners. Aligners and braces can seem inconvenient, but most people would agree that they soon get used to the extra effort they require.

Of course, even if you justify the cost and the effort there’s another big factor to consider. You’ll want to have trust in the long-term results, otherwise, it really isn’t worth it. Use a reputable provider of dental aligners or braces. Ask for predictions of results before you start, then follow your care plan to the letter. Once you’ve finished your treatment, don’t get complacent – those retainers will keep every tooth in place!