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WonderSmile is a provider of clear teeth aligners that you can order and wear at home.

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Written by Lewis Grove

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Offering various options for dental realignment, WonderSmile provides what it describes as an ‘orthodontist supervised’ service.

WonderSmile started up by only offering 3D scans in clinics as a starting point, but they've now expanded to offer at-home impression kits too.

Is WonderSmile the right choice for you?

First Glance

WonderSmile provides BPA-free clear dental aligners. You can choose to wear aligners full time for the fastest results, or buy aligners that you’ll only wear at night.


  • Supported by qualified orthodontists
  • Choose to buy one arch, instead of sets of two aligners
  • Optional nighttime-only aligners as an alternative treatment
  • No need to pay for replacement aligners
  • Interest-free monthly instalment plans


  • Only one clinic outside England for the UK, in Glasgow

Who is behind WonderSmile?

WonderSmile operates in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom. In the UK, there are 12 WonderSmile clinics that customers can visit to start treatment. Six of the UK WonderSmile clinics are located in the London area, whilst the remaining six are in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Chelmsford, Leicester and Glasgow.

Customers only need to visit a WonderSmile clinic at the start of their treatment. If you can visit a clinic once, you will be able to have aligners from WonderSmile even if you can’t get there again. You could also choose the impression kit if you want treatment without ever visiting a clinic.

Who can use WonderSmile aligners?

Clear aligners are best suited to those with mild to moderate dental issues. They can straighten teeth that are overcrowded and overlap, as well as resolving spacing problems. Dental aligners might also fix an overbite or underbite, but may not be suitable for more severe cases.

WonderSmile reviews each case individually. If you have implants or missing teeth, you still have a chance of being accepted for treatment. The same applies if you still have your wisdom teeth, and have no plans to remove them.

You should not apply for treatment if you’ve had a tooth removed within the last six weeks.

If you are found not to be eligible for treatment then you’ll be refunded the cost of your scan or impression kit, meaning that there’s nothing to lose if you’d like to see if you’re suitable.

How are the dental aligners made?

WonderSmile aligners are made using clear BPA-free plastic. This makes them almost invisible, even when worn full time.

All customers will go through a simple three-step process, including a professional review.

First, you’ll visit a WonderSmile clinic for your initial scan, or use an impression kit. Clinics can be found in some major cities, with multiple clinics in London. Your scan will cost £40, with a refund available if you’re found to not be suitable for treatment. Clinics are available for walk-ins, or for pre-booked appointments. The impression kit alternative costs £25.

Clinics can be found in some major cities, with multiple clinics in London.

Once you’ve gone through your scan or sent off your impression kit, you’ll see a prediction of the expected results. This 3D image uses your unique dental structure and fast-forwards through the process to show how your teeth will move and shift.

If you’re happy with your projected results, you can start paying for treatment.

Every set of clear aligners will be sent to you at the same time. Many providers will deliver new aligners every few weeks, requiring you to swap on delivery, but with WonderSmile you’ll need to keep track. You will have every set of aligners in your house and should move from one set to the next according to your unique plan.

What treatment options are available?

Customers have various options for their dental aligners. The standard option is to buy a full set of clear aligners, worn day and night throughout treatment.

Dental aligners

Most people will choose day and night dental aligners, considered the industry standard.

These aligners should be worn all the time, except when you’re eating or brushing. You should have your aligners in your mouth for at least 20 hours a day.

Brush and floss as you usually would, after every meal. Never put your aligners back before you’ve cleaned your teeth. You will also need to brush your aligners, using your regular toothpaste.

Clear aligners are almost invisible, providing the fastest results.

NightClear aligners

If you don’t want to wear aligners during the day or work in an industry where it’s not possible, then you can choose NightClear aligners. These should be worn for 10 hours overnight, but cost more and bring slower results.

Individual aligners

Most providers of clear aligners will require you to buy a full set. The top and bottom aligners will work together to gently reposition your teeth. Unlike many competitors, WonderSmile provides the option of buying individually.

If you only want to reposition your top or bottom teeth, then you might have to wear just one aligner. WonderSmile will review your case, to see if this option is suitable.

If you’re purchasing individual aligners instead of sets of two, the price of your treatment goes down. You’ll pay £250 less if you’d like to go down this route.

How long does WonderSmile treatment take?

If you’re using standard aligners, you should expect to finish treatment in about 6 months. For NightClear aligners, the average treatment extends to 9 months in total.

For some people, treatment can take a bit longer.

Are there any other steps to take?

You’ll need to keep track of your treatment and progress using your online account.

Pay attention to updates and reminders, showing when to move on with your treatment. You’ll have all of your aligners in your possession, which means that your online account is the only way to see when you’ll need the next set. Expect to change to new aligners roughly every two weeks.

You don’t need to visit the WonderSmile clinic at any point during your treatment.

How much does WonderSmile treatment cost?

The total cost will vary, based on your selected treatment options:

3D scan

You can visit a WonderSmile clinic for your initial 3D scan. For your scan and 3D image, you’ll pay a £40 fee.

If you’re not a suitable candidate for dental aligner treatment, WonderSmile will refund your £40.

Impression Kit

If you'd rather have your treatment completely at home, you can now get an impression kit from WonderSmile to take your own dental impressions.

The impression kit costs £25 and is also refundable if you aren't suited to treatment. It includes your impression trays, the moulding putting, a mouth retractor, gloves and an instruction guide that's easy to follow.


Standard treatment costs £1,450, to take you from start to finish.

NightClear aligners cost £1,490, making this the more expensive option.


You’ll be charged £50 for a set of replacement aligners. This is cheaper than the cost of replacements from many of WonderSmile’s competitors.

As you’ll have every set of aligners in your possession, there is another option available. WonderSmile recommends that if you lose or break aligners, you move onto the next set slightly early.

Accelerating your treatment may cause a bit of pain, as your teeth will be forced to move more quickly, but is WonderSmile’s recommendation for avoiding the cost of replacements.


At the end of treatment, a set of retainers will set you back another £60. This is a typical price for a set of clear retainers, keeping WonderSmile in line with other companies.

You should be willing to replace your retainers approximately every 6 months. Over time, they might be damaged and can become weakened and stained. You can expect ongoing costs, to maintain your new smile, of around £120 per year.

Are payment options available?

For clear aligners, pay a deposit of £145. This will be followed by 12 monthly payments of £108. The instalments are interest-free, so you won’t pay more for spreading the cost of your treatment.

You can also spread the cost of NightClear aligners, again with no interest to pay. Pay £149 to start treatment, followed by 12 monthly payments of £112.

Is a warranty or guarantee available?

The evaluation process comes with a £40 fee for a 3D scan, or £25 for an impression kit, though you’ll get a refund if you’re not suited to treatment.

You’ll receive all of your aligners straight away, at the start of your WonderSmile treatment. Once you’ve used your last set, you’re officially finished and discharged. However if you're not happy with the results, and can prove that you've followed the treatment correctly, Wondersmile's Lifetime Guarantee will help. You can get refinement aligners at no extra cost if you're not happy, or if your teeth start to shift back after treatment is complete.

How old do you have to be?

WonderSmile offers clear aligner treatment to customers aged 12 or over. If you’re under 18, you must have consent from a parent or guardian.

You should have all adult teeth in their final places, before using dental aligners.

Where is WonderSmile treatment available?

You can receive WonderSmile treatment in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

What about customer service?

You’ll meet some of the WonderSmile team at your initial appointment. This is your chance to talk about treatment, and check that you’re happy with everything.

After your clinic visit, all further conversations will happen online or by phone. You’ll have your own online account for updates and messages or can call WonderSmile Customer Care on 020 3965 1800.

WonderSmile: The Verdict


WonderSmile only recently started offering an entirely ‘from home’ option. Previously you'd need to visit a physical clinic to start your WonderSmile treatment. There are several clinics in London, with others dotted around the UK in Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool so far.

Though WonderSmile clinics are positioned throughout the country, they won’t be convenient for everyone. The addition of impression kits means that you don't need to look to another provider if that's how you'd prefer to proceed.

If you can get to a clinic, you will only need to visit once. All further treatment is managed online, with aligners delivered to your door.


WonderSmile’s aligners are at prices in line with many other similar companies. But, there are savings to be enjoyed elsewhere through your treatment.

You’ll like that you have alternative options to paying for replacement aligners. This can keep the cost down, if you break or lose a set during treatment. The £40 charge for a 3D scan is also a very fair price, as is the £25 impression kit charge – that's less than many other providers.

WonderSmile really stands out for those choosing to pay in instalments. Their interest-free offering is very appealing, and something most competitors don’t offer. Usually, you’ll face higher prices if you choose a monthly payment option, but with WonderSmile this won’t cost more.

You receive everything you need for your treatment in one big box. The only ongoing costs are for retainers, which you should replace twice a year. Fortunately, WonderSmile’s retainers are priced very fairly as well.

Ease of use

If you have a little self-discipline, WonderSmile’s treatment could be one of the easiest options. You receive every set of aligners at the start of your treatment so that they’re ready to go. You don’t need to accept deliveries every few weeks or worry about delays in treatment if you’re going on holiday. Through your online account, you’ll be told when to switch to your next set of aligners.

Some people won’t like the responsibility of receiving everything at once. If you’ll be tempted to go off-track or might misplace your aligners, then you may prefer a competitor that delivers each set when it’s needed.


WonderSmile’s standard aligners should be worn for around 22 hours a day. Most competitors offer similar aligners, at prices that are almost the same.

If you want fast results, standard aligners are the most suitable option.

NightClear aligners provide an alternative, for those that want more discreet treatment. Wear these whilst you’re asleep, with longer treatment times and slower results. With WonderSmile, you’ll pay a little more if you’d like nighttime-only aligners.

If you’d only like to shift one row of teeth, a third option might be available. You might be able to purchase one arch, instead of a set of two, reducing the total cost of treatment by £250. For most people, it’s better to buy full sets of dental aligners.


WonderSmile offers a Lifetime Guarantee to ensure that you are happy with your results. You receive every set of aligners at the start of your treatment, and finish when you get to the end. But if you're not happy, you'll be able to get refinement aligners until you get the smile you expected, based on your initial scan results. And if your teeth shift back at all, you can also get extra aligners to help.

Also, if you’re found not to be a suitable candidate after your initial 3D scan, WonderSmile will offer a refund of your £40 fee, or the £25 if you chose an impression kit.

If you have any comments from first-hand experience with WonderSmile, please leave them below.

WonderSmile FAQs

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WonderSmile FAQs

How is WonderSmile treatment ‘orthodontist supervised’?

Some clear aligners can be sent straight to your door after you’ve used a home impression kit. That’s not the case for WonderSmile, where you can’t choose the DIY approach. Instead, with WonderSmile, get supervised treatment that starts at a WonderSmile clinic. There are eight clinics across the UK, in a variety of different locations, so finding your local WonderSmile clinic shouldn’t take too long. For a supervised treatment plan, WonderSmile offers quite an affordable service. You’ll need a 3D scan to start your treatment, so you can’t start treatment unless you’re happy to visit a WonderSmile clinic. Afterwards, your clear aligners will be sent through the mail to your home.

Does WonderSmile work?

WonderSmile should work if you have mild to moderate dental malocclusion. Clear aligners aren’t the right solution for the most severe misalignment problems but could make your smile straighter if your teeth are overcrowded or if they’re particularly gappy. WonderSmile treatment can also help to reduce an overbite or move teeth so they’re more in line. In order to make the most of your WonderSmile treatment, you should always wear the aligners as directed and make sure that you complete the full treatment.

How much does WonderSmile cost?

WonderSmile treatment costs £1,450. You can also choose to pay in monthly instalments, with a £145 up-front deposit and no interest on the cost of your borrowing. These prices don’t make WonderSmile the cheapest choice for clear aligners, but they’re also far from being the most expensive. If you’d like to visit a clinic for a 3D scan, you might be happy to pay more for their ‘orthodontist supervised’ service. Spreading the cost of clear aligner treatment can help to make straight smiles more affordable. Some WonderSmile competitors will charge more for this option, though WonderSmile’s not the only provider to offer interest-free credit. You’ll pay a little more for NightClear aligners, with a total cost of £1,490.

What are NightClear aligners?

Most providers of clear aligners need you to wear them day and night. It’s recommended that you wear your aligners for roughly 22 hours a day. You should only remove your aligners when you’re eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. With NightClear aligners, you can wear your aligners only whilst you sleep. Some people prefer WonderSmile’s NightClear if they feel particularly self-conscious. With NightClear, you can be absolutely sure that your aligners won’t ever be on show. WonderSmile is one of only a few providers to offer a nighttime-only option, though this costs more and the overall treatment time is slower.

Is there a WonderSmile near me?

If you’re based in the UK, you’ll have a choice of 12 different WonderSmile clinics. That said, a total of six are found within the borders of London. The others are in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Chelmsford, Leicester and Glasgow, so you should at least find somewhere fairly close if you want to be a WonderSmile customer in England, or you live near Glasgow. If you live in the rest of the UK, the at-home option might be better suited. Thankfully, you only need to visit a WonderSmile clinic at the start. Once your treatment commences, you can do the rest with clear aligners delivered to your door. Your clinic visit is just for an initial consultation and your 3D scans to get things started.

Is WonderSmile legit?

WonderSmile is a legitimate provider of teeth straightening services. It’s one of several similar companies, bringing the joys of straighter smiles straight to customers at home. In the past, people had to visit orthodontists and get wire braces to straighten their teeth. Now, newer technologies make clear aligners much more widely available. WonderSmile is actually amongst the easiest companies to trust since you’ll need to visit a physical clinic to get the treatment started. Some people find that inconvenient, but it can be reassuring if you’ve been burned when you’ve paid for things online in the past.

Is WonderSmile safe?

WonderSmile treatment is safe. It starts with a 3D scan that maps your mouth and makes sure that your aligners fit properly. This is your chance to check that you’re a suitable candidate. Clear aligner treatment will only provided if you have good oral health, which will minimise the risk and reduce your chance of needing to stop treatment halfway through. Clear aligners are made using BPA-free plastic that’s completely safe in your mouth. Your aligner will be secure once it’s inserted, so it shouldn’t cause any problems. To keep your mouth in top condition, continue to visit your regular dentist for checkups whilst you’re undergoing treatment.

Should I choose WonderSmile or Invisalign?

Both WonderSmile and Invisalign offer clear aligner teeth straightening. Both would also say that their service is ‘orthodontist supervised’. That said, these two options are different. The differences are reflected in the price of treatment, and accommodate the needs of different patients. Invisalign offers a supervised treatment plan with regular in-person checkups. For a higher price, you’ll be monitored throughout, to check that you’re on the right track. WonderSmile is closer to a DIY service, with just one clinic visit at the start. Once they’ve got your 3D scans, WonderSmile will send you all the aligners you need. Once you’ve got your aligners, it’s up to you to stay on track and work towards your new straighter smile.

What if I’m not a good WonderSmile candidate?

You’ll need to pay for your clinic appointment and your initial 3D scans. Your first appointment costs £40, on top of the cost of your treatment. If you’re not a suitable WonderSmile candidate, the cost of your scan can be refunded. The £25 impression kit cost is also refundable. The WonderSmile team will review your scans and make sure that your treatment will work. If your teeth aren’t right for clear aligners, at least you can get your money back. Of course, you may have paid for petrol or a train to get to one of the WonderSmile clinics. Factor in the potential monetary loss before committing to booking an appointment.

What is the minimum age for WonderSmile treatment?

On paper, WonderSmile will treat customers over 12 years old. To be a suitable candidate, you will need to have all your adult teeth. Most people don’t get their permanent teeth until they’re at least 17, so younger teenagers with WonderSmile aligners are an exception to the rule. You can visit a clinic for a consultation after your 12th birthday. If you’re found not to be a suitable candidate, you’ll get your appointment cost refunded. Under 18s need parental consent to start their teeth straightening treatment.


WonderSmile is a provider of clear teeth aligners that you can order and wear at home.

1.70/5 (444 ratings)
See all reviews


  • Supported by qualified orthodontists
  • Choose to buy one arch, instead of sets of two aligners
  • Optional nighttime-only aligners as an alternative treatment
  • No need to pay for replacement aligners
  • Interest-free monthly instalment plans


  • Almost all clinics are based in England - limited options for rest of UK

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February 8, 2024
Don’t trust!!! Company has gone into administration in the UK

Don’t trust!!! Company has gone into administration in the UK. Wasn’t happy with my final results but there was no one to contact!!! I’ve been scammed!


December 19, 2019

How much does the treatment cost in total pls?

Aligners UK
December 19, 2019

Hey! It’s around £1,399 in total – take a look here to compare costs: https://aligners.co/uk/compare/

Tooth fairy
January 9, 2020

Are they based in Australia?

Aligners UK
January 16, 2020

Hey! It’s originally an Australian company but they have locations around the world. In the UK, they’re situated in Liverpool, Shoreditch, Birmingham, Manchester, Hammersmith, Covent Garden, London Bridge, Croydon and Edinburgh. Hope that help! 🙂

July 20, 2020

I’m 34, can I still get this done?

Aligners UK
July 20, 2020

Hey Jay! Yes, based on your age of 34 alone, you are certainly eligible for aligner treatment. You’d just need to make sure that you don’t have any other issues that may affect your treatment. If you fill out the aligner provider’s questionnaire, this should tell you if you’re definitely eligible.

June 3, 2022

Company has gone bust and in liquidation- may need to update.

June 13, 2022

I had my teeth done in 2020. How do I get a new set to wear at night as my old set need replacing

October 25, 2023

Does anybody know where you can get a new set of the retainers from them

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