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Looking for affordable clear aligners? NewSmile's treatment promises to be fast, effective and reasonably priced. Read our review to see if they're right.

Written by Lewis Grove

This popular stateside aligner company makes its way to the UK – are their cheap aligners the ideal solution for you? Find out with our review.

First Glance

NewSmile is a company that’s been established on the other side of the pond for a little while, and they’re now bringing their affordable service to UK customers. They claim that they’re your fast-track ticket to a straighter smile (and one that’s whiter too) within 4-6 months, without the hefty price tag of some competitors. Let’s see if they deliver.


  • Great price compared to other providers
  • No change in cost if you pay monthly
  • App and video call support available
  • Choose from all-day or nightime-only aligners


  • No option to visit a clinic
  • No guarantees if you don’t get the expected results

Who is behind NewSmile?

NewSmile is a relative newcomer to the dental aligner space, although rivals haven’t been going for too much longer either since the whole industry is quite young. The company was formed in Canada in 2017, before creating a partnership with the US brand SmileLove to provide their services to customers south of the border. Eventually, NewSmile decided to go it alone and built a solid business across North America – and now they’re entering the UK market for the first time.

Who can use NewSmile aligners?

A lot of dental aligner companies set a minimum age of 18 years old, but NewSmile are happy to work with patients as young as 13, provided you’ve lost all of your baby teeth. It’s a good age to start using aligners if you do have certain smile issues, since you can correct it early and hopefully set your new smile in place for all of adulthood.

However, while clear aligners are a faster and lower-cost option than some other treatments such as wired braces, they can’t fix everything. There are some problems where other forms of treatment may be more suitable. Aligners are best suited to anyone with mild-to-moderate issues with spacing or overcrowding, or teeth at a crooked angle.

The good news is that most people are suitable for NewSmile treatment, and even if you aren’t, there’s a guarantee with the impression kit. Once you’ve ordered the impression kit and returned it with the impressions of your teeth, they’ll be analysed by the orthodontists working with NewSmile. If it’s then decided that your dental problems can’t be corrected by clear aligners, you’ll get the cost of the impression kit refunded in full.

Broadly, dental aligners are a good choice if you want to have some minor to moderate corrections to your smile, but you prefer discretion. Aligners are designed to be almost invisible and so can be worn during the day without most people knowing – removing some of the concerns that people have with wired braces.

And if you still don’t like the idea of wearing clear aligners during the day, then you can choose the at-night only aligners. Overall treatment times will be longer, but you’ll only have to wear the aligners for 10 hours at a time.

How are the NewSmile aligners made?

When you send off your impression kit and you’re approved for treatment, you’ll have your aligners specially made to custom-fit your teeth. You’ll get multiple sets – each one is designed to move your teeth around a millimetre towards its new position, so it’s important that you wear them in the correct order.

This also means it’s really important that you get your impressions done correctly – but you can have a video call with a NewSmile specialist to help you out.

The aligners are made from a special BPA-free plastic that is suitable to be used in your mouth and won’t slowly release any toxins or anything like that.

What treatment options are available?

Aligner providers will normally provide only one or two treatment options for customers. Either you’ll have the standard choice of all-day aligners, or you’ll be offered the chance to use nighttime-only aligners. And NewSmile is one of those that does have this option.

If you choose the all-day aligners, you’ll need to wear each set of aligners for 22 hours a day, usually for around 2 weeks until you move onto the next set. Nighttime-only aligners only need to be worn for 10 hours a day (so bear in mind that that’s longer than most people sleep – you can’t just wear them in bed). But your overall treatment time will be longer, and it’s more expensive too.

Because NewSmile don’t have any clinics, there’s no decision to make on whether to have a 3D scan. Your only choice is the impression kit.

How long does NewSmile treatment take?

NewSmile say that their average treatment time for customers who choose the all-day aligners is 4-6 months, depending on how much work is involved in straightening your smile. This compares favourably to other aligner providers, who state an average of 6 months but sometimes longer. Bear in mind that if you decide to go for at-night aligners then your treatment will take longer. There average is 8-10 months.

Are there any other steps to take?

Some aligner providers will ask you to provide updates on how your treatment is going. The reason they do this is because they offer a guarantee that, if you don’t get the results you were hoping for, then you can get extra sets of aligners for free – but only if you can prove that you’ve stuck with the treatment plan.

NewSmile don’t offer this guarantee, but they do have a smartphone app that you can use to support you throughout your treatment, and get advice if you feel like the results aren’t on track. So you don’t need to do anything else, but you can.

Also, you will get a whitening kit included with your aligners – if you want to use this, then you’ll be able to follow the instructions provided.

How much does NewSmile treatment cost?

NewSmile treatment is generally very affordable when compared to other providers. You will pay slightly more if you want nighttime-only aligners, but if you decide to spread the cost then the price is the same.

Impression Kit

The impression kit as a standalone purchase is £99, although in reality it’s usually discounted down to £39. You don’t need to pay for this separately though, as if you decide to pay for your treatment then you get the impression kit included as part of it.

You may only need to pay for the impression kit as a standalone if you make a mess of your first one and don’t follow the instructions carefully.


If you decide that you want the all-day aligners then it’ll cost you £1,095 for your total treatment. This gets you your impression kit, your full set of aligners, a premium whitening kit and a set of retainers that you’ll need to use once your treatment is complete. The price for at-night aligners is £100 more, at £1,195 in total.


Your first set of retainers are included free when you begin treatment with NewSmile. You’ll need to wear these once your treatment is finished for around 22 hours a day after you first finish, and then down to 10 hours a day for six months after that. After that six month period, you only need to wear retainers while you sleep.

You can order replacement retainers from NewSmile. They haven’t published their UK prices for these yet, but they cost $149 in the US. You can save 50% on a second set of retainers when you buy two together. While NewSmile also don’t clarify how long their retainers last, most aligner providers suggest you swap retainers for a new set every 6-12 months.

Are payment options available?

Yes, payment options are available. You don’t need to have £1,200 saved up ready to spend immediately in one-go if that’s not feasible. Instead, you can choose to spread the cost over 12 months. You’ll pay a £295 deposit, with the rest of the cost split over 12 monthly payments – £67 a month for all-day aligners and £75 a month for at-night aligners.

What’s unusual is that there’s no interest to pay at all. Most aligner providers use finance plans that mean you have to pay extra, and spreading the cost can set you back another £100-300 on average. With NewSmile, the costs are the same whether you pay upfront or spread it over a year, which is a great advantage.

Is a warranty or guarantee available?

NewSmile don’t offer any kind of warranty or guarantee for their results. Almost all customers will get the results they’re hoping for, and on the rare occasions where unforeseen problems with teeth, gums and the jawbones prevent it, then you can chat to NewSmile to work our a fair resolution.

How old do you have to be?

Unlike some aligner providers that require all customers to be 18 or older, NewSmile has a lower limit of 13 years. You just need to have lost all of your baby teeth and have all of your adult teeth fully in place in order to be eligible. You can get treatment done if you have your wisdom teeth, although if your dentist has recommended having them removed then you should do that first.

Where is NewSmile treatment available?

NewSmile treatment is available throughout the UK. There’s no clinics to visit, so everything is done from the comfort of your home.

What about customer service?

NewSmile is still a relatively young company but they generally have positive customer reviews – their site advertises a 4.8/5 rating that they say is based on genuine, verified customer scores.

During the impression kit stage, you aren’t left alone – you can make a video call to chat with one of the specialists about the process, so that you know what you need to do and what to expect. And then once you’re on your treatment plan, NewSmile’s smartphone app is available for support and guidance, while you can also get in touch through the website.

They do have a live chat service, but it’s on US hours. But there is a freephone telephone service available 7 days a week during the day for British hours, only closed on bank holidays.

NewSmile: The Verdict


How good NewSmile is for availability depends on your preference for speaking to someone in person. If you want the experience of visiting a clinic and having a 3D scan, then NewSmile isn’t for you since that won’t be an option.

However, because you don’t have to visit a clinic, technically their availability is excellent since they cover the entirety of the UK and you just need to do everything at home. Plus, you do get a video call, which will cover off any of the questions you would’ve asked at a clinic. So really, NewSmile is excellent since you can start the treatment at your convenience.


NewSmile’s pricing is a fantastic reason to choose them for your dental aligners. They’re cheaper than a lot of other aligner providers, and significantly cheaper than Invisalign or wired braces. Plus the fact that you can spread the cost over 12 months and pay no interest is a real bonus. NewSmile is defined one of the best-value aligner providers available.

Ease of Use

Ease of use, when it comes to dental aligners, can be measured on the impression kit and also how easy it is to get any support if you have a problem. The fact that you get a video call with your impression kit is therefore a huge plus – it can take away some of the anxiety as you talk through the process with a specialist.

Then, the smartphone app will keep you on track and help you with any queries you have during the treatment process. So overall, it’s one of the best again for ease of use compared to other aligner providers, especially those that only offer at-home impression kits.

The only drawback is that you don’t need to check in, so if your treatment isn’t going as planned, you may not realise until it’s too late to get help to correct it.


The idea of offering nighttime-only aligners is still relatively new in the market and a lot of UK providers don’t offer this service. That NewSmile offer you the choice between all-day and nighttime-only aligners from day one is a great advantage, although treatment will take longer if you decide to go for the night-time only ones.


NewSmile has learned from some of its past mistakes with customer support – when launching in the US, phone lines were only open Monday to Friday for 6 hours a day. That’s since changed, and in the UK you can speak to someone 7 days a week with ample time to get in touch, plus the smartphone app is there to help you. However, the lack of a results guarantee is a strike against NewSmile. But if something does go drastically wrong with your treatment and your smile isn’t shifting as it should, then you should be able to get help from them.

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NewSmile Aligners FAQs

Which is better, aligners or Invisalign?

Invisalign are a type of clear aligner, so you can’t really say that they are better or worse than aligners since they’re the same thing. However, Invisalign do tend to cost most than most other aligner providers, while many people can get the results they need from one of the cheaper options.

Does wearing clear aligners hurt?

Wearing clear aligners shouldn’t hurt. It can cause a little bit of discomfort – after all, your teeth are being pushed into a new position – but that discomfort should only happen within the first couple of days of each new set of aligners before it settles down. If you feel pain, then you should speak to your aligner provider for help.

Do NewSmile aligners rest on the gums?

Most dental aligners do rest on the gums, but NewSmile’s design is different. They’re cut to only cover the teeth, which makes them slightly more comfortable to wear and also makes them less visible again, since they aren’t showing between the gum and teeth lines.

Do NewSmile aligners work with an implanted tooth?

You can use NewSmile aligners with an implanted tooth, provided that you only have one. If you have an implanted bridge then the aligners probably aren’t suitable. The best advice is to speak to your dentist if you aren’t sure. If you do have an implant, you’ll just need to make the NewSmile team aware when you take your impressions and send them in to be analysed, incase the impressions don’t make it clear.

What foods should I avoid with aligners?

Technically you can eat or drink anything you want to while you’re undergoing treatment with clear aligners, but you shouldn’t eat or drink while wearing them. You should always remove your aligners at meal times and if you intend to drink anything that isn’t water, otherwise the plastic can become damaged either due to chewing or corrosion from sugars. They can also stain from drinks like coffee. If you are drinking or eating, make sure you brush your teeth before you re-insert your aligners, otherwise any sugars and other nasties will be trapped against your teeth and can do more damage.

Can you whiten your teeth while using aligners?

You can whiten your smile at the same time as using aligners, and NewSmile even provides a premium whitening kit to use with your delivery of aligners. Usually, whitening kits are a foam that are applied to the teeth, and aligners help to keep the foam in place. Make sure to follow the instructions with the kit so that you don’t damage your teeth or your aligners.

Can I get a refund if it’s not for me?

If you use the impression kit and it turns out that you aren’t suited to NewSmile treatment, then you will be refunded in full – there’s no obligation to pay for a treatment that you aren’t suited for. However, if you are suitable but you change your mind, you won’t be able to get a refund. NewSmile will already have started funding your custom-made aligners, and they can’t just be reused for someone else. Every smile is different. So make sure you’re committed to going through with the treatment before you buy.

Can I get NewSmile aligners for just one row of teeth?

If only your top or bottom teeth are misaligned then yes, you can have just one row treated at a time. However the cost remains the same and you may have to wear two sets of aligners still in order to make sure that your ‘good’ row doesn’t move as a result of the changes to your jaw when you treat your ‘bad’ one.

How long does it take to receive my aligners?

Once you’ve sent off your impression kit for analysis, it should take around 7-8 weeks for your aligners to be sent to you. You’ll get all of your aligners at once, so make sure you keep them safe. It’s also a good idea to keep old aligners once you’ve finished using them, just until your treatment is complete, just in case there’s an issue with your treatment. If you lose or damage a set of aligners, you’ll be asked to move onto your next set early, which is why it makes sense to have all of them delivered to you at once.

How long should it take to receive my impression kit?

Once you’ve ordered your impression kit from NewSmile, it should be with you within 7-10 working days. If it hasn’t turned up, NewSmile suggests that you get in touch with them, just to make sure there’s no problem and to get a replacement one set out ASAP.


Looking for affordable clear aligners? NewSmile's treatment promises to be fast, effective and reasonably priced. Read our review to see if they're right.

NewSmile Aligners

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