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Basma Clear Aligners

Find out about remote teeth straightening from your own home, with Basma. Learn more about Basma clear aligners and how they can improve your smile.

Written by Chris Pearson GDP Registered Dentist

With Basma aligners, you can enjoy teeth straightening in your own home. There are no Basma clinics in the UK, so everything you do will be without appointments and with no need to visit Basma dentists. Though it’s still a good idea to keep your check-ups with your regular dentist, with Basma there’s no need for any extra appointments to take up space in your calendar.

Could Basma be the best provider of clear aligners for you? Find out more about Basma with our detailed review.

First Glance

With Basma, every aspect of your teeth straightening journey is managed online and through your phone. It starts with a home impression kit, and your treatment continues with remote check-ups wherever you are in the world. Basma products have free worldwide shipping, so anyone that’s a suitable candidate can become a Basma customer.


  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Live support and remote check-ups available
  • Your results are guaranteed so you’re treated until you’re happy


  • No option to visit a clinic if you’d prefer to
  • Limited finance plans to spread the treatment cost
  • One price for treatment, even if you need less work than somebody else

Who is behind Basma?

Basma was founded in 2019. The person behind this brand is Cherif Massoud, from Beirut. Though Massoud originally launched Basma in the Middle East, the brand quickly became very popular. Today, Basma products can be shipped around the globe to customers all over the world. Basma is particularly popular throughout the Middle East, with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia boasting thousands of happy Basma smiles.

As well as in-home clear aligner treatments, Basma has been working on the launch of Basma Pro. This will allow clinics all over the world to bring Basma treatments to their patients.

Who can use Basma aligners?

You’ll be a suitable candidate for Basma aligners if your teeth are overcrowded, or if they have noticeable gaps. Basma’s clear aligners can also help with misaligned teeth.

Unlike some other providers, Basma won’t provide support to fix an overbite or underbite. Though these might resolve themselves as part of your treatment, there’s a chance they may not and Basma won’t guarantee to solve these issues specifically. This is because some overbites and underbites aren’t caused by tooth alignment at all, but by the shape of the jaw which is something clear aligners can’t fix.

Clear aligners are specifically for those with mild to moderate dental malocclusion. The most severe cases can’t always be fixed with a removable device, but Basma dentists will tell you if it’s determined that you won’t be suited to treatment.

In order to become a Basma customer, you must be at least 18 years old. You’ll also need to be in good dental health, so visit your dentist before you get started. If you have cavities or gum disease you can’t wear clear aligners, and if your wisdom teeth need to be removed then you’ll need to get this done first. After teeth have been removed, give your mouth time to heal before you purchase a Basma impression kit.

How are the clear aligners made?

To get started with aligners, you’ll use a home impression kit. This includes trays, putty and other tools to help you make moulds of your teeth. The moulds you make will be used to create your clear aligners, once they’ve been used by Basma’s dentists to design your 3D treatment plan. You’ll be able to see, before you sign up, what your smile should look like by the end of your Basma treatment.

Basma aligners are made in-house, in a Basma lab. They’re made from BPA-free food-safe plastic, almost invisible when put against your teeth. This plastic is flexible enough to handle everyday life and to sit very comfortably, but firm enough to move your teeth a very small amount.

Once your teeth have shifted slightly and settled into their new position, you’ll swap to a new set of aligners and move them a little more. Over time, using several sets of aligners, your teeth are gradually manipulated and shifted to their final positions.

What treatment options are available?

You don’t have any options with Basma. When you use your impression kit and send in your impressions, orthodontists will determine if you’re a suitable candidate. Your unique requirements and your dental profile will decide how long your treatment will last, and you’ll be expected to wear clear aligners for around 22 hours each day.

Unlike with some other providers, you can’t choose night-time only aligners. Your aligners must be worn all day and all night, only removed when you’re eating or if you’re drinking something other than water. After meals and drinks, always brush your teeth before you reinsert your aligners. You’ll also need to rinse your aligners before you put them back into your mouth.

Wearing your aligners for the right amount of time will make your treatment as quick and effective as possible.

How long does Basma treatment take?

Basma customers typically wear clear aligners for 6-8 months. You should expect to work your way through 16 sets of clear aligner trays in total, though the duration of your treatment will depend on your unique dental profile.

If your teeth don’t need to be moved very much, your treatment length will be shorter. If your teeth need more movement, you should expect to wear clear aligners for longer.

Basma Checkups

During your treatment, Basma dentists will check in to make sure everything’s on the right track. These remote checkups don’t require a clinic visit or any in-person appointment, but you will be expected to take regular photographs and send them through the Basma app or website.

Sending updates to Basma will help to make sure that your treatment is safe and effective. It allows Basma dentists to quickly highlight any issues, and make sure that your teeth are moving properly.

Basma offers a satisfaction guarantee, but this depends on how you’ve followed your treatment plan. If it’s clear that you haven’t been wearing your aligners for 22 hours every day, or if you’ve skipped checkups and haven’t provided the information requested, then you may not be entitled to Basma’s guarantee.

How much does Basma treatment cost?

There’s a standard treatment price for Basma aligners. Every customer pays £1,240 for their treatment plan. Many customers will like this clear and guaranteed pricing, but it does mean that customers requiring less work might be subsiding those that need more. That said, Basma treatment is still a lot cheaper than many of the company’s competitors.

Impression Kit

Once you’ve ordered online, your impression kit should reach you very quickly. The kit costs £69, and you’ll need it to take the first step to getting Basma clear aligners. If you’re found not to be a suitable candidate for treatment, Basma will offer a full refund.


All Basma customers pay £1,240 for their treatment. This price doesn’t include your impression kit, which is purchased separately up-front.


If you’re very forgetful or clumsy, losing or breaking your clear aligners could become very expensive with some aligner companies. With Basma, replacements are offered free of charge. Basma will provide every set of aligners in one go when you start your treatment, so keep them all safe to avoid the need to ask for every set to be replaced.


Once you’ve completed your treatment, your teeth could move back if you don’t start wearing retainers. Retainers are just like clear aligners but, after an initial period, only need to be worn overnight. Basma recommends wearing retainers day and night for the first six months, then just wearing them whilst you sleep for eight hours overnight.

With Basma your first set of retainers is included free of charge in your treatment plan. Further sets of retainers are priced at £135. Most providers recommend that you replace your retainers roughly every six months, as the plastic can weaken over time and this could make your retainers less effective.

With Basma, this means that you should expect ongoing costs of around £270 per year. Basma retainers are slightly more expensive than retainers from most other providers. Many Basma competitors charge around £100 per set. If you’re choosing Basma, be aware that you should weigh up the ongoing costs versus the initial treatment savings.

Are payment options available?

Basma only offers one way to spread your payments, and even with a finance agreement you’ll have to have a lot of spare cash.

Whilst other providers might let you pay as little as £30 per month, which usually means you’ll be paying for treatment long after you’ve stopped wearing aligners, Basma intends for most customers to be debt-free by the time their treatment finishes.

The only payment option, if you want to spread the cost, is to spread your payments over five months. With this you’ll pay £265 per month. This brings the total treatment price to £1,325. That’s £85 than paying in one go up-front.

Is a warranty or guarantee available?

Before you start Basma treatment, you’ll receive a customised treatment plan. Your plan will tell you how many trays of aligners you’ll need to wear. It will also say how long your treatment should last, and will include computer-generated 3D images to show how your teeth will end up looking.

Basma guarantees the results of your treatment, though this guarantee has some limitations. As long as you follow your treatment plan correctly, including taking photographs and providing updates, you’ll be given more aligners if you reach your treatment end date and your smile doesn’t look like you expected.

If you haven’t followed your treatment plan, or if you haven’t been checking in, then the guarantee won’t be offered.

How old do you have to be?

All Basma customers must be over the age of 18. You should have all your adult teeth, with no remaining milk teeth.

What about customer service?

Basma offers what it describes as ‘round the clock customer support’. You can email hello@basma.com, use the form on the Basma website or call 07951 224 363 from the UK.

There are no Basma clinics in the UK, so there’s no way to visit for a face-to-face meeting if that’s something that you feel is important.

Basma: The Verdict


There are no Basma clinics in the UK. All treatment is done from home, accessed remotely. If you’re happy with managing your own clear aligner treatment, and checking in online when it’s required, then Basma offers excellent service availability. You can become a Basma customer from absolutely anywhere, with free worldwide shipping on all purchases.


Basma treatment costs £1,240 if you pay up front. That’s a great price when compared to many other clear aligner providers.

Unfortunately, if you want to spread the cost then your options with Basma are limited. You can only spread payments over five months, making monthly payments of £265. For many people, even those monthly payments will be unachievable. Other providers offer more flexibility, allowing you to spread your payments over a longer period to reduce your monthly outgoings.

It’s also worth noting that Basma retainers are slightly more expensive than most. Each set of retainers will set you back £135. Most competitors charge around £100 per set of retainers. Though the difference in price might not seem huge, remember that retainers are an ongoing cost and you’ll need to pay for two sets every year. Over time, that little extra can mount up.

Ease of Use

You can get started with Basma from absolutely anywhere, and you’ll get all your aligners at once when you start your treatment plan.

Some people will like getting all their aligners up-front, as this makes it easy to follow your plan even if you’re a frequent traveler. You never need to wait for your next set of aligners to arrive, and if you’re going on holiday you can put your next set in your suitcase so it’s ready.

If you’re the forgetful type, you might not want to get all your aligners at once. Instead of being convenient, this could leave you worrying that you’ll misplace several sets of aligners. You also have the responsibility of switching aligner trays on time, so you’ll need to keep track of how long you’ve been wearing each set. Fortunately, your Basma account will provide ongoing notifications.

As a Basma customer you’ll be expected to check in and provide photographs. Your treatment progress will be monitored remotely, so it’s not as inconvenient as booking an appointment and visiting a physical clinic, but you will need to remember to check in on time to keep your Basma satisfaction guarantee.


With Basma, there are no treatment options. Your current smile and the required adjustments will determine your unique treatment plan. You don’t get a say in how long you’re treated for or how many aligner trays you’ll need. You’ll need to wear your aligners for 22 hours each day, only removing them when you’re eating or you’re drinking something other than water.

The average Basma treatment plan lasts about 6 months in total.


Basma will refund the cost of your impression kit if you’re found not to be a suitable candidate for treatment. This means that, though there’s an up-front cost, you won’t be out of pocket if you can’t wear clear aligners.

As long as you keep up with your treatment plan, providing updates when requested and wearing your aligners for 22 hours every day, your results are guaranteed and you’ll get extra aligner trays until you’ve got the smile you were promised.

Customer support is available at all times, and your treatment’s overseen by registered professional dentists and orthodontists.

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Basma Clear Aligners FAQs

Are there any UK Basma clinics?

There are no Basma clinics in the UK. Your treatment starts with a home impression kit that’s delivered to your door free of charge, and you’ll receive your aligners in the mail. Treatment progress is monitored remotely online or through the Basma app, with no clinics to visit and no appointments to make.

Will Basma treat children and teenagers under 18?

You’ll need to be at least 18 years old to be suitable for Basma treatment. You must have all your adult teeth, with none of your milk teeth remaining.

What if I’m not a suitable candidate for treatment?

If you’re found not to be a suitable candidate, Basma will refund the cost of your home impression kit. After you’ve made your dental moulds, they’ll be checked by orthodontists who’ll decide if you’re suited to treatment. If not, your refund will be processed quickly so you haven’t lost out on any money.

What happens if a Basma aligner is lost or broken?

If you’re progressing through treatment and you lose an aligner, or if one of your aligners gets broken, Basma will offer a free replacement so you can continue your treatment. Whilst you wait for your replacement aligner, it’s best to step back to the previous tray so you don’t lose all your progress. Once your replacement arrives, simply swap back to the aligner tray you should be using.

What are chewies? Are these provided?

Your aligners work best if they’re sitting securely on your teeth, and right up to your gums. Getting a secure fit isn’t always easy but will make your treatment more effective. A good fit also makes treatment more comfortable, reducing any risk of pain or rubbing. When you get your Basma aligner box, you’ll find that chewies are included. These are small tools that you’ll bite down on, to help push your aligners into place. Once your aligners are in your mouth, simply put the chewies between your teeth and bite down on them. Your aligners will respond to the pressure, adjusting if they weren’t secure already.

Does Basma offer teeth whitening?

Basma doesn’t offer teeth whitening as part of the clear aligner treatment plan, but the Basma online shop offers teeth whitening kits and teeth whitening pens. Basma teeth whitening treatment costs as little as £36, and again you’ll carry out your treatment at home with no need to visit a clinic.

Can I get a Basma discount code?

It’s always worth checking the Basma website before you decide to start your treatment, as they may offer savings on their impression kits if you order directly through their website. Basma has offered discounts of up to 40% previously, so the right timing could help you save money.

Will a crown, implant or missing tooth stop me from using clear aligners?

You may not be a suitable candidate for treatment if you have crowns or implants. However, you shouldn’t assume that you’ll be automatically excluded. It’s worth applying for a home impression kit and making your dental moulds anyway. All dental impressions are reviewed by orthodontists who’ll decide if you’re a suitable candidate, with a full refund provided for your kit if you’re unable to use clear aligners.

Do I need a smartphone to use Basma aligners?

Unlike some other providers, Basma provides a website so you can log in and provide all your updates and photographs. There’s a Basma app for Android and iOS if you’d find a smartphone app more convenient, but if you’d prefer to use your PC then you can just log in online.

Is Basma treatment available from my usual dentist?

Basma clear aligner treatment is intended to be carried out entirely from home, with everything delivered directly to your door and all checkups happening remotely. Basma doesn’t have any of its own UK clinics. However, dentists can choose to sign up to Basma Pro. With Basma Pro, dentists can access all the same services themselves. Essentially, they’ll sell you Basma clear aligners and will make your dental moulds in the clinic. You’ll still progress through your treatment at home, so your dentist acts as a middle-man rather than providing an additional service. If you’d prefer an accountable local dentist, you can ask your dentist to consider signing up to join the Basma Pro network.


Find out about remote teeth straightening from your own home, with Basma. Learn more about Basma clear aligners and how they can improve your smile.

Basma Clear Aligners
3.30/5 (427 ratings)
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  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Live support and remote check-ups available
  • Your results are guaranteed so you’re treated until you’re happy


  • No option to visit a clinic if you’d prefer to
  • Limited finance plans to spread the treatment cost
  • One price for treatment, even if you need less work than somebody else

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