Top 7 Toothpastes for Clear Aligner Users

Written by Chris Pearson GDP Registered Dentist

Though there are several different ways to get straighter teeth, clear aligners are perhaps the best for maintaining good dental hygiene. The aligner trays can be removed from your mouth when you’re eating and drinking.

Being able to remove your aligner trays means that they don’t trap food and drink, so you won’t spend hours withs sugars and acids in tiny little hard-to-reach gaps. You’ll also remove your clear aligners whenever you need to brush your teeth, so you don’t need to awkwardly reach between brackets like you would with traditional braces.

Brushing your teeth is very important as you go through clear aligner treatment. To avoid big problems like gum disease and cavities, you’ll need to brush several times a day. You should always remove your clear aligners before you eat or drink unless you’re only having plain water. Before you start wearing your aligners again, you should brush your teeth and rinse the plastic trays. This stops food and drink from being trapped against your teeth by your aligners. Of course, you’ll also need to brush your teeth in the morning and evening as usual.

Great dental hygiene requires a great toothpaste. When you’re brushing more than twice a day, you need a toothbrush that’s up for the job.

What should you be looking for?

Does it whiten your teeth?

During clear aligner treatment, your teeth will be on display at all times. Clear aligners are discreet and almost invisible, so people will still see your pearly whites. Of course, that means you’ll want your teeth to look as pearly white as possible.

So that you can be proud of your straighter smile, it’s good to use a whitening toothpaste. There are many different toothpastes aimed at making your smile look a few shades whiter than before.

Toothpastes that foam

Foaming toothpastes are a popular choice with people that wear clear aligners. Typically these don’t need to be rinsed, so they can be used on the go. Instead of finding a sink when you’re dining out, you can use a foam toothpaste anywhere. Simply fill your aligners with the foam, then pop them back into your mouth. The foam works to break down any sugars and acids, as well as cleaning your aligners.

Most foam toothpastes can be used in your mouth or separately to clean aligner trays, so both your teeth and your clear aligners will be stain-free and looking their best.

Toothpastes that won’t damage your aligners

Most providers of clear aligners recommend other ways to clean them. Most suggest not using toothpaste directly on your clear aligners. Some, however, will recommend cleaning your trays with your regular toothpaste. Some toothpastes can be abrasive, leaving scratches on clear aligner trays. Over time, this will make your clear aligners look very cloudy. A good toothpaste for clear aligners is one that isn’t too abrasive.

Taste matters too!

Though it might not be the highest priority, and isn’t essential for a toothpaste that’s effective, a great flavour can be very important. When you’re wearing clear aligners, you could brush your teeth upwards of five times a day. If you’re unhappy with the flavour of your toothpaste, you won’t enjoy brushing so often.

A toothpaste with a flavour you actually like can make it easier to keep up good habits. If you’ll be brushing your teeth for more than 10 minutes a day, you won’t want to use a toothpaste you don’t like.

Brushing your teeth frequently is very important as you go through teeth straightening treatment. It might feel inconvenient, but will protect your teeth from cavitiies and gum disease. Wearing clear aligners will slightly increase the risk of dental hygiene problems, so it’s up to you to bring that risk back down by brushing every time you eat or drink.

The top toothpastes to go for

It’s important to find an effective toothpaste that you’re happy to use every day. Your chosen toothpaste should also be suitable for use when you wear clear aligners.

Here are seven of the best toothpastes to use when you’re straightening your teeth. All have been selected for specific benefits that you’ll want when you’re wearing your aligners:

REGENERATE Advanced Toothpaste

Designed to protect your tooth enamel, REGENERATE Advanced Toothpaste is a great choice when wearing clear aligners. It’s a daily toothpaste at an affordable price, working to create a protective layer that will shield your teeth from any damage. That’s especially important when you wear clear aligners, as there’s always a risk that something can get trapped between the plastic trays and your teeth.

Eroded enamel can lead to teeth looking yellow and being too weak. It can also lead to other issues like sensitive teeth. You can really feel this toothpaste working, as it’s so thick and coats your teeth. The flavour isn’t too strong, but reviewers have found that their teeth seemed whiter after they’d used it for a week.

Biomed Charcoal Natural Toothpaste

At a great price and with 99% natural ingredients, Biomed Charcoal Toothpaste will help to make your teeth look whiter. The active ingredients work to whiten the enamel, removing any stains and signs of yellowing. This toothpaste doesn’t cost very much, but could make you feel great about your smile.

Of course, a toothpaste that simply whitens your teeth isn’t much good at all. This toothpaste is also an effective choice for the removal of plaque and bacteria. It’s vegan-friendly and freshens your breath, though don’t expect a minty flavour as this toothbrush tastes mildly spicy. The taste of this toothpaste takes a bit of getting used to, but thanks to its kick your mouth really will feel refreshed.

UltraDEX Low-Abrasion Toothpaste

Designed to be non-abrasive, UltraDEX is a suitable toothpaste to use when you’re cleaning your aligners. It can be used directly on the plastic trays, if your aligner provider recommends cleaning your aligners with toothpaste. It should leave no signs of scratches, and can also be used to keep your teeth clean and plaque-free.

UltraDEX doesn’t foam like many other toothpastes on the market. Many people like it for this reason, but if you’re used to foaming toothpastes then this might take some time to get used to. Make sure that you’re spreading this toothpaste properly over all your teeth as you brush, since it won’t foam up to automatically reach all those hard-to-access gaps. UltraDEX is suitable for vegans and has a mild mint flavour.

FREZYDERM Toothpaste

In its unusual container, FREZYDERM Toothpaste is effective with its plaque-busting properties. It’s also a great choice if you travel a lot, as it comes in a solid plastic tube that won’t leak or get damaged in your suitcase. To dispense FREZYDERM toothpaste from the tube, push the rubber button on top. This is quite a thick toothpaste, so it really feels like it’s effectively coating your teeth.

FREZYDERM is an everyday toothpaste, designed for use every time you brush. If you have plaque that risks turning to solid tartar, this toothpaste can help to soften the plaque and break it down before it solidifies. FREZYDERM can help if you usually struggle to keep your teeth in pristine condition, perhaps because you’re still new to clear aligners and you’re dealing with dental malocclusion.

ClearDOT DENT Lemon Toothpaste

Some people don’t like the taste of traditional toothpastes, with their strong minty flavour. ClearDOT DENT is a suitable choice if you’d prefer something that tastes different. This toothpaste has a lemon fresh flavour but is just as effective as mint toothpastes. When you wear clear aligners you need to brush your teeth in the morning, in the evening, and after every single meal. You also have to brush after snacking, and after any drinks that aren’t water. When you’re brushing so often, you need to be happy with the flavour of the toothpaste you’re using. With ClearDOT DENT, you don’t need to spend your whole day with a minty fresh mouth.

This lemon toothpaste contains ingredients that help to reduce gum inflammation. It also has some teeth whitening properties, though the effects might be secondary to the benefits of a toothpaste that doesn’t taste minty. ClearDOT DENT is also available in a grapefruit flavour if you’d prefer it.

PERSMAX Tooth Mousse

PERSMAX Tooth Mousse is a foaming tooth product that’s perfect for use with clear aligners. It can’t just be used at home, but is also ideal for keeping in your bag when you’re away. Whether you’re working in the office, dining out with friends or having a picnic in the park, you can make sure your teeth are clean without a toothbrush or fresh water.

To use PERSMAX, just coat your teeth in the foam that you’ll dispense from the bottle. You also have the option of filling your aligners before you return them to your mouth. PERSMAX will clean both your teeth and your aligners, and one bottle lasts a long time. You don’t need to rinse this toothpaste away, so when you have to clean your teeth after every meal it’s handy to keep a bottle with you.

PERSMAX does everything a traditional toothpaste can do. It protects against plaque, freshens your breath and can help to make your teeth whiter. It also helps to protect your gums, and has a mild spearmint taste that isn’t too overpowering.

Mroobest Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

A toothpaste foam with a gentle flavour, Mroobest Teeth Whitening Toothpaste is convenient when you’re on the go. Wherever you are, you can use this foam toothpaste without having access to a tap with fresh running water. Mroobest Teeth Whitening Toothpaste doesn’t need to be rinsed, so you can use it absolutely anywhere. It works like any other everyday toothpaste, whether you choose to apply it directly or use it to fill your aligner trays. If you fill your aligner trays with Mroobest Toothpaste, this product will remove any hidden bacteria from the aligner trays themselves. As you pop your aligners back into your mouth, this foam will also work on your teeth.

A pump dispenser makes Mroobest Toothpaste very easy to use. This can be used to clean your teeth, help your gums and keep your tongue feeling fresh. Baking soda helps to whiten your teeth and remove any deeper stains, with the foam making it easy to reach every part of your mouth.

Brushing technique with aligners

Whichever toothpaste you choose, brushing your teeth well becomes even more important when you’re going through teeth straightening treatment. You really have to look after your teeth to avoid any long-term complications. With traditional braces it’s even more difficult to get into every little gap, but with clear aligners you’ll at least have the benefit of removing your dental appliance.

Remember that, as you use clear aligners, your smile will be shifting by the week. Gaps that once existed will one day not, and new gaps might have appeared. On your path to a straighter smile, your teeth will be gradually moving. As a result, it’s very important to make sure that you’re brushing every tooth and every space in between.

The right toothpaste makes all the difference. If you struggle to brush your teeth on the go, a foam toothpaste is an absolute essential. It’s better to use a foaming toothpaste than be tempted to skip necessary brushing. When you use clear aligners, you really do need to brush after every meal and drink.

At home, keep your teeth clean with a toothpaste that’s designed to meet your needs. Pick a toothpaste with whitening properties, or one that’s non-abrasive if you actually intend to use the toothpaste on your aligner trays.

With the right toothpaste, you can be sure of a smile that you’ll be able to show off.

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