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Learn everything you need to know about NewSmile clear aligners and see whether they’re the best option for straightening your smile.

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Written by Blair Hudson GDP Registered Dentist

With 100% approval for all payment plans, UpSmiles can help you straighten your teeth with efficient and comfortable aligners. With a variety of options and provided extras, you can pay up front or spread the cost of clear aligner treatment.

The UpSmiles website promises faster treatment thanks to the Optima™ tool, with everything managed from the comfort of your home. Is this the right provider for you?

First Glance

There are many things that make UpSmiles stand out amongst aligner companies. The Optima™ tool that speeds up treatment is just one impressive addition. A lifetime guarantee is another great feature, offering a lot of reassurance. All finance is approved, which might entice you, or you could be intrigued by the nighttime-only option that not all providers can offer. Is the UpSmiles treatment plan as convenient as it all sounds?


  • Lifetime guarantee on treatment results
  • Option to pay monthly, with all finance applications approved
  • Choice of standard and nighttime-only treatment plans
  • Provided Optima™ tool to reduce treatment times and discomfort


  • High monthly payments in comparison to some other provider
  • No option to visit a clinic in person
  • Fee for additional impression kits if you make a mistake

Who is behind UpSmiles?

UpSmiles is part of the SmileStudios. UpSmiles’ headquarters are in Illinois, though this provider doesn’t offer any physical clinics. You’ll be treated by a teledental company, with everything shipped to your home.

From any location throughout the US, you can be an UpSmiles customer. Your case will be reviewed by a licensed dentist or qualified orthodontist.

Who is UpSmiles suitable for?

To be a suitable candidate for clear aligner treatment, you must be in good dental health. You must have visited your dentist within the last six months, and must be free from gum disease or cavities that may require treatment.

You must be at least 18 years old to be approved for UpSmiles aligners. All cases are considered, with dentists using your dental impressions to check that your smile can be improved.

UpSmiles treatment is suitable for individuals with mild to moderate dental malocclusion. This can include things like gaps between teeth, overlapping teeth and crooked teeth, as well as teeth that might need to be rotated slightly.

How are the aligners manufactured?

To get started as an UpSmiles customer, you'll first be required to make dental impressions using a home impression kit. Your kit includes impression trays, molding putty and a variety of other items, so you can make your own dental molds from the comfort of your own home.

Aligners are made using safe and flexible BPA-free plastic. They’re strong enough to handle everyday life, whilst being flexible enough to sit comfortably over your teeth.

Each set of aligners is unique, designed as part of your treatment plan, based on your dental molds. Your impressions are used to make your aligners, with each set slightly different from the last. Very small differences between each set of aligners will gradually and gently adjust your smile, by moving teeth to their new positions.

It takes about four weeks to receive your aligners, once you’ve sent back your dental impressions and have made initial payment for your treatment.

What options are available?

With UpSmiles you can choose between standard aligners and nighttime-only alternatives. As your aligners will be almost invisible and cause minimal discomfort, you’re unlikely to have trouble wearing them for the required 22 hours per day. Some people prefer to wear aligners only whilst they’re in bed. Nighttime-only aligners provide more flexibility and freedom during the day, but your total treatment time will be extended because you’ll be wearing them less. Expect treatment to take closer to six months in total, rather than the estimated 3-4 months if you wear your aligners day and night.

All treatment plans include an Optima™ vibration tool. Fit this over your aligners when you first insert them, then activate the device to wiggle your aligners into place. Small, fast vibrations will help your aligners to fit perfectly onto your teeth, as well as helping to make your gums softer and more flexible. The Optima™ treatment tool, if you use it, can reduce discomfort and speed up treatment by as much as 50%.

What is the duration of treatment?

If you choose standard UpSmiles treatment, you can expect to be wearing aligners for 3-4 months in total. You’ll need to wear your aligners for up to 22 hours per day. Your aligners should only be removed if you’re eating, or if you’re drinking something other than water. Always rinse your aligners and brush your teeth, before you reinsert your aligner trays.

At-night aligners will extend treatment time, as you’ll only wear them overnight for around 10 hours in total. Treatment on a nighttime-only plan should take 5-6 months for most customers.

Your treatment might take slightly longer if your teeth require a lot of movement, or could be a bit quicker if minimal adjustments are needed. A worst-case scenario is a total treatment time of 10 months.

Are there any other steps to take?

To maximize treatment success, whilst reducing overall treatment time, make sure that you use the provided Optima™ vibration tool. This should be used for 20 minutes a day, ideally straight after inserting your aligners in the morning after brushing your teeth.

Your progress will be monitored remotely. This ensures that your treatment is on track, as well as identifying any problems with dental health or dental hygiene. You’ll be asked to provide occasional updates, which may include photographs of your smile, so dentists can monitor your treatment.

Every 2-3 weeks you will be asked to move to the next set of aligner trays. This is how you’ll progress through your treatment, as each set of aligners is slightly different to the last.

What is the cost of UpSmiles aligners?

UpSmiles treatment, if you use all-day aligners, will cost $1,699 if you pay upfront. This price includes a teeth whitening kit, your first retainer and an AcceleDent® OptimaTM tool.

Treatment with nighttime-only aligners will cost a little more. You’ll get all the same products, but this option costs a total of $2,099.

Impression Kit

An impression kit is an essential purchase before you start clear aligner treatment. UpSmiles dentists will use your dental impressions to check that you’re a suitable candidate. The same dental molds will also be used to make your customized aligner trays.

An impression kit costs $49.95 and includes a return shipping label. If you make a mistake, you may need to buy another kit for an additional fee. If you’re found not to be a suitable candidate, UpSmiles will refund the cost of your first impression kit.


Treatment will cost $1,699 (all-day) or $2,099 (nighttime-only). All treatment plans come with a lifetime guarantee, and if you choose to pay monthly then all finance applications are approved.


There may be an additional charge for replacement aligner trays, but this will be decided by UpSmiles based on a number of different factors. If you’ve lost or damaged your aligners, contact UpSmiles for some personalized advice.


Once your treatment is complete, it’s important to maintain the straight smile that you’ve achieved. You’ll do this by wearing retainers, which are very similar to clear aligners but hold your smile in the right position. Retainers don’t move your teeth any further but stop them from shifting back.

When you first finish treatment, retainers should be worn day and night for at least two weeks. After this, you’ll need to wear them every night whilst you sleep. Retainers are an ongoing cost after you finish your treatment. It’s recommended that you replace your retainers roughly every six months, as they become less effective over time and you won’t want your hard work to go to waste. Your first set of retainers will be included in the price of your UpSmiles treatment.

UpSmiles will charge $119 for a set of retainers. Alternatively, you can join the UpSmiles Protection Plan. For $549, receive new retainers every six months for five years. You’ll also get a new set of retainers if yours is damaged or lost.

What payment options are available?

Payment plans are available and are always approved. You can choose to pay monthly for clear aligners, spreading the cost of your treatment.

For all-day aligners, you can pay $80 per month. For nighttime-only aligners, the monthly cost is $98. Payment plans will increase the overall price of your treatment.

Is it covered by insurance?

UpSmiles Treatment may be partially covered by dental insurance. Check if your policy includes orthodontic benefits. Your insurer will be able to provide assistance if your clear aligner treatment might be covered.

How old do you have to be?

To be accepted as an UpSmiles patient, you must be at least 18 years old. All cases are reviewed by dentists and orthodontists before treatment is approved.

Where is UpSmiles treatment available?

UpSmiles impression kits and aligners can be shipped to all US addresses. You’ll go through treatment from the comfort of your home, so you don’t need to visit a physical clinic and your progress will be monitored remotely.

What about customer service?

UpSmiles customer service is limited, as there’s no way to visit a clinic and speak to anyone in person. To speak to a member of the UpSmiles team you should email support@upsmiles.com or call 312-683-8300.

UpSmiles: The Verdict


As you’ll start your treatment from the comfort of your home, and progress through it whilst monitored remotely, you can become an UpSmiles customer wherever you’re currently living. UpSmiles impression kits can be shipped to any US address.

Some people might not like that there are no UpSmiles clinics. You can’t see anyone in person, so you’ll need to be happy to deal with everything from home.


Compared to other providers, UpSmile treatment is offered at a relatively low price. You can also choose to pay in instalments, with every finance application approved. As a result, UpSmiles treatment will be

within reach for most people that want clear aligners. Of course, be aware that paying in instalments will increase the overall price.

You’ll pay more for nighttime-only aligners, if you choose that option. This is because your treatment will take longer and more sets of aligners will be needed.

Most people will be happy with a specified price and the option of monthly instalments, but it’s worth being aware that all UpSmiles customers are charged the same price for their treatment. This might seem unfair if your teeth require only minimal movement, meaning that you’re paying for two months’ treatment what others might be paying for ten months.

Ease of Use

It should be relatively easy to go through treatment with UpSmiles. Your home impression kit contains everything you need to make your own dental molds, though you might be charged an additional fee for a new kit if you make a mistake. Once you’ve been approved for treatment and received your clear aligners, you’ll progress through treatment by wearing your aligners as described in your treatment plan.

Every 2-3 weeks, you’ll be asked to switch to your next set of aligners. This will help you to progress through your treatment, as each set of aligners is slightly different to the last set. You will also be asked, at regular intervals, to provide updates which could include photographs. Updates are required to UpSmiles dentists can monitor your progress remotely.


Unlike some other providers, UpSmiles offers the option of choosing nighttime-only aligners. These are an alternative to standard treatment, so you can choose which option suits you best. Nighttime-only aligners will extend your treatment time, but can be a lot more convenient. As they only need to be worn overnight, they don’t cause issues at mealtimes. All-day aligners must be worn day and night, but removed for mealtimes and brushing.

Before starting treatment, you’ll need to decide if you want all-day or nighttime-only aligners. The second option will cost more.


UpSmiles offers a lifetime guarantee, but the details about this are limited. In order to get any ongoing support, you must be able to show that you stuck to your treatment plan and provided updates when required to.

All cases are considered individually. If you feel that your treatment hasn’t been successful, or if your teeth start to move back to their original positions, you’ll need to contact UpSmiles for a personalized case review.

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UpSmiles FAQs

What does the cost of UpSmiles treatment include?

Your UpSmiles treatment price includes all aligners that you’ll need to complete your treatment plan. You will also receive a teeth whitening kit to use whenever you’d like, and an AcceleDent® Optima® tool that can help to speed up your treatment. You will also receive your first post-treatment retainer, as well as a remote monitoring service to check that your treatment stays on track.

How long will my treatment take?

UpSmiles treatment can take anywhere from 2 months up to 10 months. Your total treatment time will depend on your unique situation. The more movement your teeth require, the longer your treatment will take. All-day aligners will work quicker than nighttime-only aligners, as you'll be wearing them for many more hours each day. You can also speed up treatment, and maximize success, with the AcceleDent® Optima® tool.

Do I need to visit an UpSmiles clinic during treatment?

You don’t need to visit an UpSmiles clinic during treatment. In fact, there are no UpSmiles clinics to visit. Your treatment will begin and end at home, with treatment progress monitored remotely. You’ll start with a home impression kit to make your dental molds, then these molds are used to make your aligners and UpSmiles will ship to your door. At regular intervals, you’ll be asked to provide a progress update. This might include photographs of your smile, as well as your written feedback. All this informatuion can be sent online, so you don’t need to visit a physical clinic during treatment.

What is the Optima™ tool?

The AcceleDent® Optima® tool is included in the cost of your UpSmiles treatment. It’s a vibrating mouthpiece that fits securely over your teeth and your aligners. As the tool vibrates, it helps your aligners to fit snugly against your teeth and gums. This perfect fit can decrease treatment time whilst also reducing discomfort. The micropulses may also help to soften your gums, helping your aligners to move your teeth more easily.

Are there qualified dentists reviewing UpSmiles cases?

Licensed dentists and orthodontists are involved in UpSmiles treatment. They’ll check that you’re a suitable candidate when you first send your dental molds, then they’ll monitor the progress of your treatment remotely to check that you’re staying on track. Having treatment monitored by licensed dentists can improve treatment success rates. These dentists may also be able to highlight any potential problems.

Should I choose all-day or nighttime-only aligners?

There are two UpSmiles treatment options – all-day and nighttime-only. If you choose all-day treatment then you’ll wear aligners all day and night, except for mealtimes. This can be inconvenient, because you’ll need to remove your aligners when you eat and brush your teeth before you wear them again. However, all-day treatment is the most common option and will help you progress through treatment quickly. Nighttime-only aligners are more convenient. They’re only worn when you’re sleeping, so you don’t need to worry about them through the day. However, because you wear them a lot less your treatment will take a bit longer. To decide which treatment plan you’d like, it’s best to decide whether convenience or speed is more important to you.

What payment plans are available for UpSmiles treatment?

You can choose to pay monthly for your UpSmiles treatment. Prices for this range from $80 to $98 per month. All finance applications are approved, so any suitable candidate can choose to pay in instalments. Paying in instalments will slightly increase the overall cost of your treatment.

Should I keep seeing my regular dentist?

It’s very important that you continue to see your regular dentist during treatment. They need to make sure that your dental hygiene is good, and that your aligners aren’t causing any problems that might not be identified through photographs. Cavities and gum disease are common dental problems that need to be identified quickly. Leaving these issues without any treatment can cause more serious problems, as well as stopping your teeth straightening treatment from being completely effective. Your clear aligner treatment will be monitored remotely by licensed dentists through UpSmile, but it’s just as important to keep booking regular checkups.

What if my treatment goes wrong?

With UpSmiles you’re offered a lifetime guarantee to make sure that you’re happy with your treatment. If you reach the end of treatment and you’re not completely happy, you can request a case review. You may be offered further sets of aligners to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

How long should I wear retainers for?

After finishing your treatment, you’ll move from aligners to your first set of post-treatment retainers. Just like aligners, retainers are clear plastic trays that you’ll wear over your teeth. You’ll need to wear retainers for the rest of your life, unless you want your teeth to shift back. Teeth that have been manually removed will always try to make their way back, so your retainers will be worn to hold your teeth in their final positions. When you finish your treatment, you should wear your retainers just like a final set of aligners. This means they should be worn day and night, only removed for mealtimes. After a few weeks, you can start just wearing your retainers at night. Retainers should be replaced every six months, because they’ll warp and weaken over time. As they get weaker or their shape changes slightly, retainers become less effective. Expect to buy two sets of retainers every year.


Learn everything you need to know about NewSmile clear aligners and see whether they’re the best option for straightening your smile.

4.00/5 (208 ratings)
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  • Lifetime guarantee on treatment results
  • Option to pay monthly, with all finance applications approved
  • Choice of standard and nighttime-only treatment plans
  • Provided Optima™ tool to reduce treatment times and discomfort


  • High monthly payments in comparison to some other providers
  • No option to visit a clinic in person
  • Fee for additional impression kits if you make a mistake

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