Is this low-cost aligner provider the perfect option to correct your smile?

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Written by Blair Hudson GDP Registered Dentist

Caspersmile claims to offer one of the best cost-friendly solutions for dental alignment, with super-low prices that don’t compromise on the quality of your treatment. But is that a fair claim? Will you actually be able to get your dream smile for a fraction of the cost of some more expensive treatment options? Let’s take a look.

First Glance

Caspersmile is an aligners company that operates not only in the US, but across the pond in the UK as well. The company offers simple, affordable treatment plans designed to give you a new smile within 4-6 months, depending on the severity of your case.


  • Lowest-priced aligners you’ll find anywhere
  • Flexible treatment options
  • Fast results
  • Treatment guarantee if you’re not happy


  • Remote treatment only – no in-person options
  • Refund policy is unclear
  • Young company – hard to judge long-term success

Who is behind Caspersmile?

Caspersmile doesn’t offer up a huge amount of information on the company’s background – we know they’re relatively new, and that they have bases of operation both in the US and in the UK. The company’s main address is listed as an office in New York, but a lot of the social media content filmed by the company is in the UK, interviewing the public in British towns.

The main customer support line is listed with a US number, so US customers should feel comfortable that they’re dealing with a business in their country. The fact that the company is so new could be a concern, as you don’t really know what their long-term support looks like. Independent reviews are positive but they don’t talk about the full treatment process.

Who can use Caspersmile?

Caspersmile’s dental aligners are designed to tackle a wide range of issues, including crossbites, midline shifts, deep bites, overbites, spacing problems and edge-to-edge issues.

However as with any clear aligner treatment, they can only handle moderate problems at best – anything where there are really severe alignment issues would require a different solution. This will be made clear during the impressions process, and anyone not eligible for treatment will be told so by Caspersmile’s smile specialists.

Caspersmile can work for teenagers, and unlike many other aligner providers, it actually has a section of the website dedicated to teens who want to begin aligner treatment instead of using traditional braces.

The rules for teens are that the must have all their permanent teeth – wisdom teeth being the exception, although these could restrict treatment options. As long as a teen has lost all their milk teeth and their permanent teeth have come through, they are eligible to try treatment with Caspersmile.

How are Caspersmile aligners made?

Clear aligners – regardless of the company you choose for your treatment – are always made from a clear plastic that’s BPA-free, meaning it’s safe to use on your teeth and close to your gums (especially since many people suffer from bleeding gums, where any toxic materials could easily enter the bloodstream).

Caspersmile will send you an impressions kit and then, based on your own individual tooth pattern, create aligners that are designed to gradually move your teeth over a set number of months. You’ll swap aligners regularly – each set is only designed to make small movements, otherwise they wouldn’t fit on your teeth properly.

By the time you reach the last set of aligners, your smile should’ve moved into its new position, at which point you’ll wear retainers that are similar to the aligners, in order to keep your smile in its new position.

What treatment options are available?

Firstly, Caspersmile is a completely at-home service, meaning you never need to visit a dentist or other clinic as part of your treatment. Some people may prefer the flexibility of this, whereas others might want to see a dentist in person. Caspersmile does offer some support for those people – more on that later.

Your treatment includes an at-home impressions kit, and then all treatment is just carried out by you at home once you receive your aligners.

There are a few different options to choose from though. With Caspersmile, you can choose either single arch or dual arch treatments. Many aligner companies will only allow customers to choose dual arch, moving both sets of teeth at once. Caspersmile does allow you to only move one, but it will only recommend this in limited cases.

You also have the choice of all-day aligners or ‘Nightlong’ aligners that you only wear at night. Nightlong aligners will have a longer treatment time and are more expensive, since you’ll need aligners that are potent enough to move your teeth over a lesser amount of time, preventing them from moving back during the day.

However, if you really don’t feel comfortable with the idea of wearing your aligners for the whole day, then Nightlong could be a good option for you.

How long does Caspersmile treatment take?

There are no set times for how long your Caspersmile treatment will last. Each case is individual and it will depend on whether you choose all-day aligners or the Nightlong options.

Most people who choose all-day aligners will complete their treatment within 6 months, some in as few as 4. There are even some cases that might only take 3 months according to Caspersmile, though this claim is unlikely for most people – no other aligner company advertises 3-month aligner treatment, so we’d be careful with trusting this.

Are there any other steps to take?

During your Caspersmile treatment, you will be asked to use the company’s app to upload progress photos and to check in with their Smile Specialists. The reason for this is to make sure your treatment plan is progressing as expected, and to answer any questions that you might have.

It’s really important that you stick to this schedule, as if you don’t and then you aren’t happy with your final results, or if something’s going wrong that you aren’t aware of, then the company won’t be liable to help you and you might have just wasted your money.

You’ll also need to wear your provided retainer for 6 months once you’ve completed your treatment plan. Most other companies will also recommend that you continue to wear your retainer long-term while you sleep, but it’s not clear if this is recommended by Caspersmile or not.

How much does Caspersmile treatment cost?

You can get treatment with Caspersmile from as little as $849, but it depends on whether you’re choosing single-arch or dual-arch treatment and whether you want the all-day or Nightlong aligners. Regardless, the prices for Caspersmile’s treatment is some of the lowest you’ll find.


You’ll purchase your impressions kit as the first thing you do with Caspersmile. It costs $69.99 though it is often discounted to $49.99. This includes everything you need to take your impressions for your teeth, and return them to the company to evaluate ahead of your treatment. If you pay for a treatment plan in full upfront, you’ll get the impression kit free.


The treatment costs for Caspersmile are as follows:

  • Single arch, all-day aligners – $849
  • Dual arch, all-day aligners – $1,149
  • Single arch, Nightlong aligners – $1,049
  • Dual arch, Nightlong aligners – $ 1,349

That is hundreds less than many other aligner companies, and it includes aligners, your first set of retainers, and as many remote video consultations as your need.


You’ll get one set of retainers included in your treatment plan when you pay for either all-day or Nightlong aligners, but these won’t last forever and will need to be replaced eventually. A single set of retainers, custom-made to fit your teeth, costs $150. Or you can save by buying in bulk – get 8 sets for $550.

Are payment options available?

Payment options are available with Caspersmile and they are very easy to understand.

Regardless of your chosen treatment type, you’ll be able to pay a flat monthly fee of $153 until your treatment is paid for.

No mention is made of whether this includes interest, but it appears to be an interest-free option. We’d recommend making sure you read all the terms before you sign up though.

Is a warranty or guarantee available?

Caspersmile does offer a guarantee on its treatment. If you have followed all instructions and can provide evidence of having done so, and you’ve maintained the regular check-ins using the app or website, then you are eligible for the guarantee.

This guarantee states that, if you complete your treatment plan and you aren’t happy with the results, then you can continue to get free treatment until you get the smile you were promised.

The company does state that a fee will apply for additional treatment if you haven’t maintained the regular check-ins. It describes it as a “small fee” though that’s subjective.

Where is Caspersmile treatment available?

You can enjoy Caspersmile treatment anywhere in the US, since it offers completely at-home treatment plans. The company also operates in the UK.

You don’t need to worry about having to live near a clinic – everything is remote, meaning you can enjoy the treatment regardless of how far you are from a major town or city. As long as you get the aligners from your mailman, you’re set to go.

What about customer service?

It’s hard to judge the customer service of a company that’s relatively new. You don’t have a lot of evidence to go on, because the company hasn’t been able to prove itself.

There are a lot of positive reviews of the company on independent review sites, but these are all based on early interactions with Caspersmile, and not on what happens if things go wrong further down the line.

There is a decent-sized FAQs section on the website, and Smile Specialists are available through the company’s app 24/7, meaning you’ll always have someone on hand you can speak to once treatment is underway.

And you get unlimited video call support too, should you have specific questions about your smile’s progress.

Whether these continue to be easily accessible, and how the company handles complaints, is something we’ll have to look out for as it becomes more established. But the tools are in place.

Caspersmile: The Verdict


Availability is definitely one of the plus points for Caspersmile – the fact that you can use the treatment completely remotely is a win for most people. It would be nice to have the option of clinic visits for those you like the extra reassurance, but most importantly, Caspersmile treatment is easy for anyone to start.

The fact that it is willing to accept teens who have all their permanent teeth is another positive, provided it’s teens who need the help for the right reasons of course. Caspersmile’s clear aligners can be a preferable option compared to braces, which are more unsightly and can be more painful too.


Caspersmile’s pricing structure is excellent if you want clear aligner treatment on a budget. It’s also refundable if you aren’t eligible for treatment, though it’s unclear from the terms whether the impressions kit is refundable – it seems that it is not, so there is a risk you could pay $50 just to find out you aren’t suitable for clear aligner treatment.

Ease of Use

Everything about Caspersmile’s treatment options makes it really easy to use. You can enjoy the treatment completely at home, and the impressions kit has helpful guides to make sure you get them right first time. Video consultations are also available if you’re still unsure. You then just need to wear the aligners for the designated amount of time, depending on whether you’ve chosen all-day aligners or the Nightlong option.


Caspersmile is a good choice if you want flexibility in your treatment plan. You do have the option to choose between all-day aligners that must be worn for 22 hours per day, and Nightlong options that only need to be worn for 10 hours per night.

Caspersmile is also good in that it lets you opt for single arch treatment if you don’t need your whole mouth being treated. This can save you money, but be aware it is only likely to be suitable in a small number of cases. Most people will need dual arch treatment, even if one arch is only compensating for the movement of the other.


Reassurance is one issue for Caspersmile since it is so new – it’s hard to know just how good it treats its customers. However, there is the guarantee in place, so you can get free treatment should you need corrections, provided you’ve stuck to your treatment plan.

Having unlimited video consultations included also offers some reassurance to customers too, since you’ll always be able to reach someone if you have any problems, and get proper support.

Overall Summary

It’s not easy for us to give a definitive thumbs up to a company that’s still in its infancy, but Caspersmile definitely seems to have the right building blocks in place to be a great option for anyone who wants clear aligner treatment.

It’s easy to access treatment no matter where you live in the US, and there’s plenty of remote support available, so even though you don’t get to visit a clinic and speak to a dentist in person about your treatment, you will always have someone who can help you if you’re unsure of anything.

Of course, the main reason to consider Caspersmile is that pricing structure, especially if you only need single-arch treatment and you’re happy to wear all-day aligners. Any treatment option under $1,000 is extremely good value against competitors, and it’s worth signing up to a treatment plan while this price is available.

Don’t be too put off by the company’s infancy, since you will be protected by the guarantee – if you want budget aligners, it’s likely worth giving Caspersmile a go.

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Caspersmile FAQs

Is Caspersmile legit?

Caspersmile is a legit company offering clear aligner treatment. It is relatively young, as so might not have a huge number of customer reviews yet – expect this number to grow and the company’s profile to become bigger as more customers sign up for a treatment plan.

Can you get Caspersmile treatment with missing teeth?

It is possible to get Caspersmile treatment with missing teeth – you’ll just need to take an impression as normal and send it off. In most cases, missing teeth won’t stop you from having treatment with Caspersmile, but the Smile Specialists will analyze your particular smile and see if there are any potential problems.

Do Caspersmile’s aligners hurt?

Wearing Caspersmile’s clear aligners shouldn’t hurt. There is usually a small amount of discomfort for the first day or two each time you switch to a new set of aligners, but that’s just while your teeth are gently pushed into their new position, and that discomfort will subside. If you notice a lot of pain, then something is likely wrong and you’ll need to speak to the Caspersmile Smile Specialists for advice. Typically, clear aligners are seen as a much less painful alternative to metal braces.

Are there any limitations to activities while wearing Caspersmile aligners?

There are some limitations to what you can do while wearing Caspersmile aligners, including eating. You’re told to wear aligners for 22 hours a day – the other two hours are for eating meals, brushing your teeth and flossing. You should never eat while wearing aligners as you can damage them, even if it is soft foods. Drinking is OK, but only if it is water. You should also avoid playing any high-impact sports while wearing aligners, as any impact to the mouth could damage the aligners or your teeth. Low-impact sports should be fine. You should also be OK to play a musical instrument while wearing your aligners, but it may take a little bit of practice to get used to playing things like a flute or saxophone while you have the aligners in your mouth.

What happens if you lose your aligners?

If you lose a set of aligners, you’ll need to contact Caspersmile immediately to request a replacement set. They’ll be shipped out to you ASAP, but you’ll likely need to move back to your prior set of aligners while you wait for them to arrive.

How long do Nightlong aligners need to be worn each day?

If you choose the Nightlong treatment option for your clear aligners, you’ll need to make sure you wear them for at least 10 hours a day. They are not aligners than you only need to wear while you sleep, as many people assume. 10 hours is the minimum if you want your treatment to be a success, otherwise the teeth will move back into their old positions. With that in mind, most people will brush their teeth earlier and then start wearing the aligners a couple of hours before going to bed – otherwise you need to leave them in your mouth for a couple of hours in the morning before eating breakfast.

Do I need to make impressions of both arches if I only want single arch treatment?

Even if you only want single arch treatment with Caspersmile, you must make sure you take impressions of both sets of teeth. Caspersmile won’t allow anyone to undergo single arch treatment without seeing both arches. That’s because it’s important for the Smile Specialists to understand how the one arch moving will impact the second arch.

What happens at the end of the treatment plan?

Once you’ve completed your treatment plan with Caspersmile and worn the last set of aligners for 10 days, you should check you’ve achieved the smile you were hoping for. If you have, then you’ll just move onto wearing retainers, initially for the same amount of time you were wearing your aligners. If you aren’t happy with the results, and you’ve kept your check-ins up to date on the app, you’ll need to apply for further free treatment by speaking to the Smile Specialists.


Is this low-cost aligner provider the perfect option to correct your smile?



  • Lowest-priced aligners you’ll find anywhere
  • Flexible treatment options
  • Fast results
  • Treatment guarantee if you’re not happy


  • Remote treatment only – no in-person options
  • Refund policy is unclear
  • Young company – hard to judge long-term success

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